This piece is called “Us.” It was written by me on this day of February the 21st, 2017. The photo was found on Google. 

You see to me, he was so handsome that he was beautiful. 

His soul glowed and was luminous 

Stars could be seen flickering in his blue eyes 

His heart held a softness like none other 

And one fine day I glimpsed my name there 

Engraved in cursive lettering 

For all eternity 

So I moved in

Because it was my home

And he moved into mine as well

It was the same place though you know

When two souls love each other that fully, that deeply, and that completely 

Their hearts become one 

For all time

Never undone…

So perhaps the most beautiful thing about him 

And about me

Was us… 

-Carolyn Glackin ♡


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