This One’s for Gaia

Quite often, we get lost in our humanness. We run ourselves ragged and exhaust ourselves in body, mind, and spirit due to the rigors of earthly life. It is then that Gaia calls us to her. She reminds us to sink our roots in deep and draw from her, to replenish ourselves and come back to our sacred center within. I had concerns though and I brought them to her. I told her that I could hardly ask anything of her knowing that she was hurting and considering everything we put her through. She smiled in that beautiful knowing way that she does and she said “Come child, I have plenty for all…” because that’s what a mother does. They keep on loving and giving with no expectation of anything in return… I broke down and cried at the profoundness of it all. Here was our Mother, struggling under the strains that WE her CHILDREN put upon her. WE who have stripped her bare and desecrated her time and time again… She had no malice in her voice, no contempt in her heart, no moral outrage to speak of… Just love, only love for all of her children who’ve done her wrong. Yeah, I cried alright. Sobbed for a long time. Her love embraced me and called me home and told me not to fear. She said “Don’t worry child. You can start again tomorrow.” But I think I’m gonna start right now. How about you? Have you hugged your Mother Earth today? Have you thanked her for all she’s given without a thought for herself? Send a little love her way if you can. Word to your Mother. 

by: Carolyn Glackin ♡

Photo found on Google. 



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