In the Stillness 

“In the Stillness,” by Carolyn Glackin. 
She always sought him out at night when the world around them fell silent and people for miles around dozed peacefully in their nocturnal slumber. For her, the day was much too scorching and bright; so full of noise and distraction as the bustling world overtook them, swallowed them whole and carried them off in different directions until dusk. In the stillness, she’d call to him in hushed tones and he’d join her where she lay in their endless ocean of a bed. Then, she’d center her head on his chest, just over his heart and she’d listen to the song it played only for her. It was her favorite song and she knew it well. Her heart beat to the same tune for him. What a lovely sound they made, together in the stillness.
Photo found on Google.


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