Let Love Rule!

Love is the best teaching modality that humankind has at it’s disposal. Thus far, fear has been predominantly employed for most purposes; and while it is effective, we must question how well people really learn when their cortisol levels are skyrocketing and their life is at stake. On the other hand, when love is employed for purposes of teaching and leading (i.e., political leaders), people feel safe and respected, cortisol levels are normal, and the fight or flight  response is not triggered. The other main difference is that people are far more likely to be willing participants when treated with love and respect; so it stands to reason that love should be utilized in all situations in regard to teaching our young and leading our nations. The best way to start? With our own selves, in our own homes, and in our communities. If we can extend it that far, from there it’ll have a snowball effect throughout the world. If we must have a leader, let love rule. 

-Carolyn Glackin ♡


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