Don’t Fear the Reaper 

This tale of mine will now unfold

Whence from beyond the death knell tolled
A loathsome reaper grabbed a hold
And took a mortal soul

No business had he lurking here
Causing chaos, inciting fear
He stole from me what I held dear
Oh curse that wretched reaper!

And from my mouth a plea was heard
But he ignored it undeterred
And uttered not a single word
To hell with that damned reaper!

And to the angels I adored
I told my plight but was ignored
For ’twas the reaper they abhorred
Oh how I loathed that reaper!

And so my mission carried on
To save my loved one from beyond
Whilst living like a vagabond
And searching for the reaper

Then one day, he crossed my path
Thus I unleashed my pent up wrath
But he continued unabashed
And went his merry way

I cursed the stars I cursed the moon
I ranted madly like a loon
For she was taken much too soon
Because of that damned reaper!

And so my life I lived out vexed
Full of scorn as if behexed
While those around me were perplexed
And wondered at my fury

Then came the day that I’d depart
I left this world with heavy heart
My mission futile from the start
But little did I know…

So to the heavens I ascended
My earthy wrongs at once amended
And not long after I befriended
Many, but not the one

One day while gliding on my wings
Partaking in the finer things
I heard a voice so sweetly sing
And there she stood before me

I jumped and danced and shrieked in gladness
And bid adieu my grief and sadness
Then thinking of the reaper’s badness
I asked her what when on

She said she’d been here all along
And the reaper had done nothing wrong
Her time had come so she’d moved on
Thus the reaper did his duty

So this is why we mustn’t shout
Or fill our hearts with dread or doubt
For when a loved one’s time runs out
It’s always meant to be

I found the reaper and made amends
I daresay we’ve become good friends
So this is where my story ends
But what’s up with that damn scythe he carries?!!

Poem by Carolyn Glackin 

Photo found on Zazzle.


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