On the Other Side of Heaven

This is dedicated to Summer Joy. Farewell. See you again one day. ❤

On the other side of heaven
Just beyond the veil
They’re making preparations
For a soul that’s setting sail

The stars light up the cosmos
For they will show the way
And the angels are rejoicing
Dear Summer comes home today

For there is no earthly vessel
Indeed no mortal tomb
That could hold the shining spirit
Of she who left too soon

Her loveliness precedes her
Wherever she may go
Her heart full of compassion
Is a blessing to behold

And as for me, I’m humbled
After witnessing her beauty
I feel I should bespeak it
It’s something of a duty

For here on Earth our Summer
Took on a lofty role
Her life a constant struggle
For which she paid the toll

Her body was sufficient
Her mind another story
Broken and disabled
Enshrouding her true glory

And this, the path she chose
A sacrificial life
Made me a better person
Better mother, better wife

My limits always pushed
My patience often tested
And I daresay more than once
‘Twas by her that I was bested

So how does one give thanks?
Nothing seems quite right
For she found us in our darkness
And brought us to the light

And none of it was easy
Yet still I hold it dear
And now that she’s passed on
It’s all become quite clear

The heavens loaned an angel
One of their very best
She’s more than earned her wings
And her eternal rest

And so her soul sets sail
And so dearly does depart
Gone now from this world
But never from our heart.

By: Carolyn Glackin 

Photo found on Google. 


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