God is Nondenominational 

The Alpha

The Omega

The Ancient of Days
The Divine
The Beloved
The Shower of Ways
The Forgiver of Sins
The Light
Our Salvation
From whence we begin
The Father
Most High
The Lord
The Prophet
So many names
For the One who gives life
And it seems all these names
Have led to such strife
God is for one
Just as God is for all
No more for the mighty
No less for the small
God is for Christians
God is for Jews
God is for Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus
God is for those found in a church
Just as God is for those whose temple is Earth
No more for the saints
No less for the sinners
For we are not viewed
As losers and winners
No more for the holy
No less for the meek
As much for the infidel
Labeled as weak
We ALL are chosen
Lest we wouldn’t be here
So please silence your ego
Release all your fear
We’ve been judging and killing
Harming and shaming
Scorning and threatening
Insulting and blaming
We’ve been hateful and pious
Haughty and bitter
This madness must stop
Please reconsider!
You don’t have to convert
Or change your views
And you can call our Creator
Any name that you choose
But let’s look deep within
And finally see
That God is in you
And God is in me
So each time that we seek
To harm one another
We harm the Creator
The Father, the Mother
This battle is ancient
It’s long past it’s prime
Please let it go
Now is the time!
Namaste my dear friends
And know this to be true:
I honor the divine that dwells in you.

Much love, 




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