Oh how grand

To toil and tarry
Lest we’d all be

But all this rushing
To and fro
Always, always
On the go…

Why not stop a while
And rest
Count the ways
In which we’re blessed

Spend some moments
Steeped in bliss
Revel in
A lover’s kiss

Wrap yourself
In your own worth
Stay a while
With joy and mirth

Make sure you’re centered
In your soul
A life worth living
Is the goal

The outer world
Is busy, busy
With mindless tasks
That make us dizzy

So when each day
Is said and done
I hope you found
Some time for fun

I hope you did
What brings you gladness
And keeps you going
Despite Earth’s madness

I hope you spent
Some time with YOU
To thine own self
We must be true

This world is often
Too much with us
Leading every soul astray
Take back the reins
Of your own life
Be sure you have the final say.

Live well my friends!

Poem by Carolyn Glackin 

Art by David Kapp 


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