When it comes to love, we all have access to a very important natural resource: self-love. 

-Carolyn Glackin 



“Sanctified,” by Carolyn Glackin.

We were each other’s undoing. The light in one shining upon the dark in the other, until every last hidden aspect of the ego was revealed, dismantled, and healed. In this way, we could strip ourselves bare and be born anew in the way we were meant to be. Divine. Eternal. LOVE. 

by: Carolyn Glackin 

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In the Arms of the Beloved 

This is called “In the Arms of the Beloved.” 

by: Carolyn Glackin ♡
In the arms of the Beloved 

We’re safe and have no fear 

Instead of lost, we’re found

And our heart is full of cheer
In the arms of the Beloved 

We find such hope and peace 

Life is full of joy

And wonders never cease
In the arms of the Beloved 

We never go without 

Our mind is free from worry 

Our heart is free from doubt 
In the arms of the Beloved 

Our soul is always free

And finally comes the truth

That we can simply BE 
The Beloved dwells within 

Never are we apart 

For we were all created

Within the Beloved’s heart
I hope you’ll hear these words 

And know them to be true 

Each time you hold yourself 

The Beloved is holding you.
Artwork: Freydoon Rassouli

Let Love Rule!

Love is the best teaching modality that humankind has at it’s disposal. Thus far, fear has been predominantly employed for most purposes; and while it is effective, we must question how well people really learn when their cortisol levels are skyrocketing and their life is at stake. On the other hand, when love is employed for purposes of teaching and leading (i.e., political leaders), people feel safe and respected, cortisol levels are normal, and the fight or flight  response is not triggered. The other main difference is that people are far more likely to be willing participants when treated with love and respect; so it stands to reason that love should be utilized in all situations in regard to teaching our young and leading our nations. The best way to start? With our own selves, in our own homes, and in our communities. If we can extend it that far, from there it’ll have a snowball effect throughout the world. If we must have a leader, let love rule. 

-Carolyn Glackin ♡


Why do you shrink in the presence of those who are uncomfortable with your unlimitedness? Why do you dim your light when surrounded by those who prefer to remain in their own darkness? Why do you downplay your divinity to make others around you more comfortable simply because your greatness causes them to question their own?! You are not here to make everyone comfortable and set them at ease. You are not here to play small. You are here to be YOU. If that causes discomfort in others it means they have some growing to do. How will they know that if you refuse to show this world who you are?! Don’t stand down, stand UP!! Be as you are!! Stand in your glory! You are magnificent! Shine! And rock on… because this crazy ass world needs YOU.

-Carolyn Glackin ♡
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In the Stillness 

“In the Stillness,” by Carolyn Glackin. 
She always sought him out at night when the world around them fell silent and people for miles around dozed peacefully in their nocturnal slumber. For her, the day was much too scorching and bright; so full of noise and distraction as the bustling world overtook them, swallowed them whole and carried them off in different directions until dusk. In the stillness, she’d call to him in hushed tones and he’d join her where she lay in their endless ocean of a bed. Then, she’d center her head on his chest, just over his heart and she’d listen to the song it played only for her. It was her favorite song and she knew it well. Her heart beat to the same tune for him. What a lovely sound they made, together in the stillness.
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