Stories in the Garden 

Smiling faces hide pain, confusion 

Casualties of the grand illusion
Darkened forces hover near
Planting seeds of hate and fear
Some bought in and sleep so deeply
Others awaken, but live so meekly
Blue rays souls will guide with love
While indigos help us rise above
Cosmic forces come to aide us
Remind us of the light that made us
Angels whisper in our ear
To tell us of their presence here
Gaia hums a forgotten tune
Drum beats thunder beneath the moon
The ancients walk the earth at last
Primordial memories holding fast
A day of reckoning soon will come
The final moments have begun
So please decide, for all it’s worth
With whom you stand on this good Earth
All are joined now, sisters, brothers
No one questions race or color
Love unites us in our truth
We pass it down to all the youth
There will be fire and wind and storm
Plagues and pestilence, bugs that swarm
Mother Nature must unleash
The burden caused by darkened beasts
But fear not dear ones, harm won’t find us
We’re stronger than that which seeks to blind us
Hold fast dear ones to your light
And we shall set the wrong to right
The final say is not yet known
Yet many gather to lead us home
Whatever happens, come what may
The light is forever here to stay. 
by Carolyn Glackin 

Photo obtained on Google Chrome. 


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