Nocturnal Musings 

As nighttime draws now to it’s close

I find myself in sweet repose
Preparing for my nightly slumber
Angelic dreams so full of wonder
But first I must recount my day
And think of all I had to say
Each day includes a worthy mission
To laugh, to love, to truly listen
Were my words kind, were my thoughts fair?
Was love expressed through all I shared?
Was I patient with each dear soul?
For all of that is each day’s goal
Perhaps it doesn’t seem like much
It’s not a job per se, as such…
My hope is through the love I’ve shared
A lonely heart or two is spared
And upon my countenance, a smile
For those that walked with me a while  
And so it is with gladdened heart
To the dream world I depart
Day is done now, gone’s the sun
Tomorrow is another one.
-Carolyn Glackin 
Painting found on Pinterest. 


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