Andromedan Dreamer 

Andromedan Dreamer 

by Carolyn Glackin 
Into the woods I go so deep

To find myself 

To pray and weep

The flora and the fauna there 

Beloved answers to a prayer

Ancient trees have sheltered me 

Their wisdom brings me to my knees 

A child of the wild am I 

Renewed by moon and each sunrise 

When earthly life becomes too much

I go off seeking mother’s touch

I sink into her heart so dear 

And she restores me crystal clear 

A maiden of the stars I be

At peace in their tranquility 

From other realms my soul begotten 

Yet not a single one forgotten 

For I am joined by ancient ones

Together we have traversed suns

We come and go both near and far

Through time and space on shooting stars

With angels every night I fly

As they distill the tears I cry

And use them as a healing balm

To make this earth a touch more calm

Mother calls me back by day 

Reminds me that I’m here to stay 

It’s for the people that I’ve come

And how I love them, every one

For I was called forth by their cries

Which reached me in the starry skies

And in my heart I heard them well 

Their agony, their private hell

Never had I known this place

But how I love the human race

For in their hearts a treasure looms

Hidden now, revealed soon

I beg of you, don’t let fear blind you

The darkness always seeks to bind you

Fear not loves, stand strong, hold tight

We’re ALL children of the Light!

Through my love I hope you’ll see

Your worth and your divinity 

Angels always at your side

Each of you, the Beloved’s pride

Hear my voice please! Hear it well!

I call you forth now from this hell

Please try hard now to recall

Your loftiness before the fall 

I make of you this one request

‘Tis at the blessed one’s behest 

Go deep within now, seek your truth

Return to me then, bulletproof 

For you are made of greater things

Stardust, moonlight, angel wings

Here I stand now to remind you

Seek your own light, let it find you

And when your truth has set you free 

Shine in glory, let all see 

That you may waken other hearts

Your grace upon this world impart

Together then, all joined in love

At long last we’ll rise above.
Artwork: Magic River by Alosa of DeviantArt.


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