Benediction: A Lament of the Chronically Ill 

Benediction: A Lament of the Chronically Ill

by Carolyn Glackin
*Dedicated to those of us who struggle each day within the confines of a body plagued with illness.* 
This prison of skin and bone

Is my captor

Death my only hope of absolution 

Why have I done this to myself?

Who will help me seek my restitution?
Each new day arrives with aching horrors

An atrocity that never should unfold

These maladies that run all through my body 

A nightmare that’s perhaps best left untold
And how I long so badly to fly freely

So far beyond this dreaded mortal coil

And yet this is the very thing that’s needed 

To allow me to be with you for a while 
But never in this lifetime did I fathom

That I could conjure horrors such as this

And oh but if I could forsake it

Perhaps then I shall know eternal bliss 
The shackles of this vestige seem to taunt me

Remind me of a freedom I once knew 

In spirit form devoid of painful burdens

But then I couldn’t be here now with you
The song upon my lips a benediction 

As I beg my higher powers to set me free

To somehow let me live here in this body

With the peace that’s as of yet unknown to me
Each night as I am faced with each new morrow 

My body racked with weariness and pain

I tell myself the next day will be better

While knowing that my hopes are all in vain
But I know that there’s a lesson in this burden 

A wisdom meant to be revealed to me

And I hope that on the day I come to know it

That truth shall finally set this body free. 
Photo: Maren Kemp


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