The Hunted 


I want to
Kiss you ferociously
And devour you whole
Like a tigress
I want to
Hunt you down
Get you in my clutches
And feed on you
Like a lioness
I want to
Be the prey
And have you
Be the predator
In hopes that
You’ll capture me
And do with me
What you will
And finally,
I want to merge
Into your essence
And exist with you as one
Knowing that at last
We caught each other
-Carolyn Glackin

*Words are my own.
*Artist unknown.




by Carolyn Glackin

I turn my thoughts
Toward the fathomless sea
Which holds secrets of mermaids
In her salinity
What treasures lurk there
In the deep, dark unknown?
I dare not ask, nor go alone
For many a sailor
Who had the gall
Met an untimely end 
At the siren’s call
Now they swim with the fishes
If you know what I mean
Oh sure, they’re around
But can hardly be seen
And what of the pirates?
Those scurrilous curs
Who’ll rob you blind
Of your baubles and furs
No thank you matey
Methinks I shall pass
Because walking the plank
Won’t do for this lass!
And I’m certain you’ve heard
Of that place in the sea
Where vessels go missing mysteriously…
I speak of Bermuda, as in the triangle
A place that yours truly
Has no plans to wrangle
So call me a coward
Or call me a bore
Say what you will
I’m staying ashore!

*Artwork found on Pinterest. 

Goddess Rising  

Goddess Rising  

by Carolyn Glackin

Rise oh woman

From the depths

Reclaim your former glory

You’ve been sleeping 

For so long

You thought it all a story

Your power and your majesty

Are rivaled here by none 

With grace and love

You’ll save this world 

Your time has just begun

Rise oh woman 

From slumbering dreams 

Which led your soul astray 

Come back to us and lead us home

Your heart doth know the way

The darkness has not bested you

No evil hath reduced you

For you held strong, your heart stayed true

Even when hell’s hounds rebuked you

Rise oh woman!

Wear your crown 

Reclaim your rightful throne

For all the Earth awaits your rule

Don’t leave us on our own 

For one and all, please hear this call

Awaken to your duty

For when you do

This world, at last 

Will be a place of beauty

With peace restored 

In man and beast 

The heart of all turned right

We only need to feel your love 

And see your guiding light

Rise oh woman!

Hear my call

The hour now grows late

Step into your destined role

No longer can we wait.

*Photo borrowed with permission from the ‘Why so BluE and a touch of BroWn’ page on Facebook.

The Eyes of Love

There are no filters on the eyes of love. It sees clearly and focuses on the divine within. Divine love encompasses all. With divine love, it’s not exclusive only to family, children, friends, partners/spouses, etc. Divine love recognises the Beloved in all of creation and therefore can’t help but to love all that is living. May we all remember to regard one another in this way; for when we do, we are all picture perfect. 


Carolyn Glackin



by Carolyn Glackin

I sang my sorrows to the setting sun

Who heard all my words but for me had none

Then I lamented to the latent moon

Who listened well but left too soon 

I cried a river to a cloud of rain

But it was much too full to bear my pain

I told my tales to the raging sea

But it was too busy waving to listen to me

I shared my secrets with a gusty gale

But it started to blow and my words set sail 

I waged war with my woes on a mountaintop 

But it was too high up, so my words just dropped 

At last I went home, worn out from my day 

I sank into bed and started to pray 

I released all my worries 

And let my tears flow

I let it all out, I let everything go

Then a voice filled the room 

Though there was nothing to see

And I listened intently 

As it spoke to me

It said: “My dear one, leave all your burdens with me

I’m always with you, this you can see

I was the sun shining down on your face

I was the moon gazing at you from space

I was the rain that lovingly kissed you

I’m the sea that was waving 

Because my dear, I’ve missed you

I’m the warm wind 

Which embraced you with love

I was the mountain so high up above

You need not go searching 

For someone outside you 

For I, the Beloved 

Am right here beside you.”

*Artwork found on Pinterest.

Twin Flames 

Twin Flames 

by Carolyn Glackin

Bodies electric
Internal heat rising
Nearly capsizing

Floating on air
Stars in their eyes
These souls from the skies

A love for all time
That knows not an end
Each other they mend

The light meets the dark
Male and female unite
Blessed by the Light

At the dawning of time
A soul came to be
It lived separately

Pulling together
Drawing apart
Twin flames, one heart

Lessons were learned
And now one final life
Husband and wife

And as they ascend
Their flame will grow bright
As they reunite

What started as two
Now becomes one
Their journey is done.

*Artwork by Anna Ewa Miarczynska.