by Carolyn Glackin

I sang my sorrows to the setting sun

Who heard all my words but for me had none

Then I lamented to the latent moon

Who listened well but left too soon 

I cried a river to a cloud of rain

But it was much too full to bear my pain

I told my tales to the raging sea

But it was too busy waving to listen to me

I shared my secrets with a gusty gale

But it started to blow and my words set sail 

I waged war with my woes on a mountaintop 

But it was too high up, so my words just dropped 

At last I went home, worn out from my day 

I sank into bed and started to pray 

I released all my worries 

And let my tears flow

I let it all out, I let everything go

Then a voice filled the room 

Though there was nothing to see

And I listened intently 

As it spoke to me

It said: “My dear one, leave all your burdens with me

I’m always with you, this you can see

I was the sun shining down on your face

I was the moon gazing at you from space

I was the rain that lovingly kissed you

I’m the sea that was waving 

Because my dear, I’ve missed you

I’m the warm wind 

Which embraced you with love

I was the mountain so high up above

You need not go searching 

For someone outside you 

For I, the Beloved 

Am right here beside you.”

*Artwork found on Pinterest.


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