by Carolyn Glackin

I turn my thoughts
Toward the fathomless sea
Which holds secrets of mermaids
In her salinity
What treasures lurk there
In the deep, dark unknown?
I dare not ask, nor go alone
For many a sailor
Who had the gall
Met an untimely end 
At the siren’s call
Now they swim with the fishes
If you know what I mean
Oh sure, they’re around
But can hardly be seen
And what of the pirates?
Those scurrilous curs
Who’ll rob you blind
Of your baubles and furs
No thank you matey
Methinks I shall pass
Because walking the plank
Won’t do for this lass!
And I’m certain you’ve heard
Of that place in the sea
Where vessels go missing mysteriously…
I speak of Bermuda, as in the triangle
A place that yours truly
Has no plans to wrangle
So call me a coward
Or call me a bore
Say what you will
I’m staying ashore!

*Artwork found on Pinterest. 


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