Daytime Glories and Bedtime Stories 

This is a tale 

I’ve been longing to tell

So dear to me

For I know it so well

Perhaps not a tale

But a collection of dreams 

Things that I love

And things that I’ve seen

Visions of angels

Flashes of light

Speckles of gold 

And orbs in the night

Voices unheard 

Yet known to my mind

And astral delights 

Of every kind

Whispery feathers 

Against my skin

And the brightest of lights

That emanate from within 

Heavenly music from choirs afar

Tinkly bells ringing 

From each little star 

Crystalline love songs 

Woven in air

Such a beautiful sound

None can compare 

Lions walk with me

Standing guard in the night

Spirit cats too

With eyes so bright

Furry little faces 

Come to say hello

I see them run past 

With a shadowy glow

Soft fur, warm bodies 

Rub against my own 

To offer some love 

And make themselves known

Visions of fae realms 

Delight my eyes

As their voices call to me 

From other worldly skies

Jingly laughter 

Rings in my ears 

Playful voices 

I’ve known through the years

These are my consorts

My cohorts, my friends 

Who’ve always been with me 

And will ’til the end

And there is a world 

Beyond this that I know 

That radiates love 

With a heavenly glow

It’s our one true home 

Away from this 

Where all that we’ve known 

Is oneness and bliss 

And I met you there once 

And I will again soon 

And then you’ll remember 

And my heart will swoon

For your soul calls out to me

In a voice I know well

As we dance in the eternal 

In that place where love dwells

So listen to the wind

Watch for feathers 

On the ground 

And know that you’re 

A sacred part

Of the love 

That’s all around. 

by Carolyn Glackin 

Words by me. 

Image found on the ‘Pink is my Passion’ page on Facebook.


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