Crystalline Dreams 

Crystalline Dreams 

by: Carolyn Glackin 
Obsidian nights 

Tourmaline dreams 

Hematite stars

Turqoise moonbeams

Rhodonite mornings 

Carnelian sun

Celestite clouds 

A new day has begun 

Emerald lawns

Sapphire skies

Opalescent flowers 

Delighting our eyes 

Smoky quartz raindrops 

Falling at noon

And gold citrine lightning 

Make my rose quartz heart swoon

Evening sets in 

The sky dressed in hues

Of orange topaz embers

And azurite blues

Another day over 

Yet beauty abounds

As I now hear the music

Of crystalline sounds

Amethyst ballads 

And sonnets of jasper

Hush me to sleep

Just a little bit faster 

Angelite wraps me

In chantilly wings

And all through the night

Sodalite sings

I drift off to dream land

With a blue agate kiss

And there my day ends 

In crystallized bliss. 
Art found on Bored Panda


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