My dear one, I have no harsh words to offer 

No judgement, no vitriol
Nor bitter reprimand
For I am neither judge nor jury
And I really only seek to understand
I don’t sit here finding fault within you
Nor would I ever cast you out in shame
For I know that when one looks guilty
There are nearly always two or more to blame
And I’ve not heard both sides of the story
And even then, you’ll get no verdict
from me
For I choose to see you as you really are
A sovereign being, innocent and free
And we all do things for which we bear a burden
A heavy parcel full of much regret
So I’ll do nothing to add to that grievous burden
Aside from help you to move on and to forget.
And I don’t care to partake in idle gossip
I won’t be a part of those who fan the flame
I won’t prattle on and on about the details
I’ll do nothing to besmirch you or your good name
For we all have things in life we must account for
And sometimes life just doesn’t go as planned
And I understand the trials that you’ve been through
So I’ll hold my tongue and offer you my hand.
-Carolyn Glackin
Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez. 


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