by Carolyn Glackin 
Oh how this mad world loved him!

But little did he know 

He only felt it’s harshness 

The bitterness, the cold 

The sun’s warm rays did seek him

To surround him with golden hues

And I wondered if they found him

Would he then, still refuse?

What was it that caused his blindness?

What clogged his weary heart?

Did the Earth world do this to him

Or was he like that from the start?

Gaia asked and asked me

For she wanted him to know her love

But never had I an answer 

Neither here nor from above 

And as for me, I tried too

I loved him as well as I could

But he refused to feel it

He simply misunderstood 

And finally I left him

For that was no place for me

I left him in his darkness

And set my own soul free

And that’s when he first noticed 

He thought I was no longer there

Though I wasn’t with him in form

I was with him as a prayer 

Because love continues to love

Regardless of what transpires 

Real love is of the divine 

Not egoic human desires

I was with him from the beginning 

I’ll be with him until the end

And forever I shall love him

In ways he can’t comprehend. 
*Art by Susan Seddon Boulet.


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