My Beloved

I will always sit with you

In the truth 

Of divine awareness 

And if it causes you

To turn away from me

Then I will let you go

I cannot show you 

Less than all that I AM

Nor can I mirror 

Less than all that you are 

When you’re ready 

To see our truth 

Come to me

Until then,

I’ll be right here 

Seeing it for both of us.

Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 

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The Sacred Art of Prayer 

The Sacred Art of Prayer

by Carolyn Glackin 
Prayers are like a warm, soft blanket

They fully surround the person they’re intended for 

And wrap them in unconditional love

Prayers spoken with sincerity and pure intention are the precursor to miracles

The words are carried off to the Divine on a crystal-like grid

Where they intermingle with the power of transformation, float back down from the heavens, and descend upon the intended soul with the gentleness of a warm snowfall 

From there, free will dances with the power of intent and something new is created 

Prayers are always, always answered 

The reason we fail to see that, is because the answer is often in accordance with our highest good, rather than what we thought we wanted or needed

At a later point, once removed from the situation, we’re better able to see the truth of this 

When we pray, we’re communing with the wisest aspect of ourselves as well as with the Divine 

When we surrender our ego and place ourselves tenderly into the arms of the Beloved while letting our prayers be known, the results are nothing short of miraculous 

It can be nothing less, when we’re willing to perceive the spark of the Divine interlaced throughout the outcome

This, of course, is based on personal perception 

May our hearts be opened wide enough to glean the beauty, truth, and wisdom contained within answered prayers. 


Carolyn Glackin 

Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017
Art by Eva Campbell

Prayer of the Lightworker

Let my words be spoken with love 

Let my soul be a vessel of light
Let me be a living example
Of all that is just and is right
May I be a bringer of peace
To all those who come my way
May my arms be tools of healing
For all those that I embrace
May I offer rest to the weary
And respite to the forlorn
May I be a pillar of strength
To all those who grieve and mourn
Let me walk with grace on this earth
And be mindful of it’s beauty
And remind my brothers and sisters
That respecting the earth is our duty
Let me be forever grateful
For all that comes my way
‘Tis a grateful heart that rejoices
No matter how hard the day
Let my days on this earth be productive
For I’m here to serve one and all
May my body be willing and able
Each time that I am called
May I take on the pain of the suffering
And transmute it to higher love
And if I should be unable
Let me call on the angels above
May I be forever humble
And lay my ego to rest
And trust in a higher power
To guide me toward what is best
And when my days on earth are over
And I’m called back home up above
May I have done all that I could do
To fill the whole world with love
And so it is
Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017

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Love Came Calling 

Love came calling 

But I didn’t answer
I don’t have time
For some goofy romancer

Love came calling
But I plugged my ears
Don’t wanna risk
More sadness and tears

Love came calling
But I chose to ignore
Can’t he see
The ‘No Solicitor’ sign
On my door?!

Love came calling
Wouldn’t go away
I said “I don’t have time
for the games that you play!!”

Love came calling
Brought me roses
I thought: God help me
If this nut proposes!

Love came calling
Held my hand
Said he had
Our future planned

Said he’d love me
‘Til death do us part
Well I’ll be darned!
That goof stole my heart!

Love came calling
Brought a ring
Oh how my heart
Did jump and sing!

Love came calling
We said our “I do’s”
I knew with him
I had nothing to lose

Love moved in
And here he stays
Side by side
Throughout our days

It’s not always easy
But we’re never bored
And every day
I thank the Lord

One day, we two
Will be old and gray
 But when love is present
All of that’s ok

‘Cause when love is viewed
Through the eyes of the heart
Nothing external
Could drive us apart

Yep, love came calling
All those years before
And I sure am glad
I finally answered
The door.

Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017

Art source: John William Waterhouse.


This is dedicated with an incredible amount of love for all people of this world who’ve experienced emotional and/or physical abuse. We need to keep in mind that no emotionally healthy person would ever treat someone with anything but love; thus, quite often the perpetrator has been the victim at some point in time. This certainly doesn’t justify or excuse their behavior, but it’s a reasonable explanation when the voices in the head ask “Why me?” “What did I do to deserve this?” Nothing. You did NOTHING to deserve it whatsoever. Those who have suffered abuse at the hands of another must free themselves from the shackles of self-doubt, guilt, and unworthiness. I tell you this without a single doubt in my mind: YOU are worthy! YOU are loved and loveable. YOU deserve happiness and peace in your life. So RISE beautiful one! Rise up above and beyond that which sought to drag you down! They didn’t know who they were dealing with. But I do, and you ARE beautiful!

Blessings and love,

Carolyn Glackin 💙


by Carolyn Glackin 
Born into a wreckage 

Your heart could not have known 

They tried to dim your light

So you’d forget your soul
They tried to clip your wings

So that you’d never fly

But perhaps they didn’t know 

Angels don’t forget the sky
They tried to stop your heart 

So you’d know not of love

But they could not foresee 

How high you’d rise above 
They knew not of your grace

They knew not of your wisdom 

And they certainly didn’t imagine 

That you’d still love them 

And forgive them 
For goodness can’t be sullied 

When it’s the nature of one’s heart 

And darkness can’t prevail 

When love’s there from the start 
And I hope you never listened 

I hope you’ll never believe them 

And I hope you keep in mind 

Someone in their life deceived them
For hearts seek not to harm 

Lest harm’s been done to them 

Thus this cycle must be broken 

It’s a game no one can win
I know your heart needs healing 

And your soul feels injured too

Thus all the angels in the heavens 

Are ministering to you 
So rise now, mighty angel

Let your glory now be known 

And extend to all you meet 

The love you’ve not been shown
I know you have it in you

I know it’s who you are 

For nothing of this world   

Could dim heaven’s brightest star.

Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017
*Art by William Baxter Closson.

She Was A Poet 

🍃🌸 She Was A Poet 🌸🍃

She was a poet 

And she dressed in blue

Not ’cause she was sad

She just loved the hue

It reminded her of nighttime 

And bright moonbeams 

Twinkly stars 

And celestial dreams

She was steeped in starlight 

Enrobed by the glow

A child of the heavens 

And the earth below 

The moon and the cosmos 

Danced through her mind

She put them to words

When she found the time

And her words gave rise 

To ancient dreams 

Angelic realms and mythical beings 

Galactic creatures, cosmic love

Earthly notions 

And the heavens above 

She sought not fame

Nor worldly attention 

Though she wasn’t averse 

To the occasional mention

She took great delight 

In the joy of others 

And she dearly loved

Her role as a mother

She conspired with angels 

She frolicked with fairies 

And as far as she knew 

She had no adversaries 

She didn’t come to lead 

She came to unite 

She believed we’re all leaders 

In our own given right 

Her heart was open

No conditions, no strings

It was full of love 

And joyful things 

And in it was room

For all those she knew 

And when she met more 

It simply grew

She felt life was a gift 

To love all was her duty

No so much a chore

But a thing of beauty 

And her only mission 

While here on this earth 

Was to remind those she met

Of their unlimited worth

Yes, she was a poet

A seamstress of words 

Who wrote of the notions 

Quite often unheard

Signs from the heavens 

Words of the light

Whispers of angels 

Ringing out in the night

She wrote about love

She wrote about life

She wrote of the earth 

And humankind’s strife 

She wrote of redemption 

And of starting again 

But every so often

She put down her pen

And looked all around 

At this beautiful earth

Which filled her with wonder 

Laughter and mirth 

And there in the silence 

As she breathed it all in 

She’d be flooded with words

And start writing again. . . 

After all, she was a poet. 

by Carolyn Glackin 
*Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017.