Sacred Ceremony 

Sacred Ceremony 

by Carolyn Glackin

It was on that night

When the moon was high

That I knew

The sacred ceremony

Soon was nigh

A primordial drumbeat

Filled the air

Old crow stood perched

Atop his lair

The Crone stood ready

Before the fire

That blazed as high

As a funeral pyre

She had herbs for smudging

As she called the Great Spirit

While the elders

Reminded the young

Not to fear it

The Crone glanced around

At the old and the young

And then began speaking

In her native tongue “Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!” she cried

To which we responded “Aho!” With great pride

She sang and she chanted

With feathers and beads

As we thanked the Great Spirit

For all his good deeds

The Medicine Woman

Came round to the ill

She gave herbs and blessings

Never any pills

We prayed for their health

And the welfare of all

All being equal

From mighty to small

This went on for some time

While the fire burned bright

With singing and dancing

Long into the night

But the small ones grew weary

And were taken to bed

Followed soon by the elders

So they could rest their heads

And finally the fire

Was nothing but embers

The drum had gone silent

As we tried to remember

When was it that man

Last had peace on earth?

Had we really been warring

Since the planet’s birth?

Over color and race?

Over thoughts disarrayed?

How could sisters and brothers

Treat each other this way?

We looked to the Crone

And she looked to the skies

Then she gazed back at us

With large tears in her eyes

“Wakanheja,” she said “They don’t know what they do”

“They’ve forgotten their truth”

“And their divinity too” “So what must we do?”

We asked the old Crone

She said: “Bring no harm to others.”

“Love each as your own.”

From that night ’til this

I kept that in my heart

I never learned to hate

And I’m not going to start

We all look a bit different

And use different words

Some have different Gods

Of which we may not have heard

But we are one race

And until we are dead

If you tear us apart

We ALL bleed red!
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!


Blessed be!





¡Hina kachun!

*Words by Carolyn Glackin 

*Art by Susan Seddon Boulet 


5 thoughts on “Sacred Ceremony 

    1. Thank you so much! Wrote this in the wee hours last night. It’s very dear to me. As for those who don’t know, we shall love them until they remember, and beyond that, we shall love them still. Rainbow blessings of love and gratitude to you. 💗


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