This is dedicated with an incredible amount of love for all people of this world who’ve experienced emotional and/or physical abuse. We need to keep in mind that no emotionally healthy person would ever treat someone with anything but love; thus, quite often the perpetrator has been the victim at some point in time. This certainly doesn’t justify or excuse their behavior, but it’s a reasonable explanation when the voices in the head ask “Why me?” “What did I do to deserve this?” Nothing. You did NOTHING to deserve it whatsoever. Those who have suffered abuse at the hands of another must free themselves from the shackles of self-doubt, guilt, and unworthiness. I tell you this without a single doubt in my mind: YOU are worthy! YOU are loved and loveable. YOU deserve happiness and peace in your life. So RISE beautiful one! Rise up above and beyond that which sought to drag you down! They didn’t know who they were dealing with. But I do, and you ARE beautiful!

Blessings and love,

Carolyn Glackin 💙


by Carolyn Glackin 
Born into a wreckage 

Your heart could not have known 

They tried to dim your light

So you’d forget your soul
They tried to clip your wings

So that you’d never fly

But perhaps they didn’t know 

Angels don’t forget the sky
They tried to stop your heart 

So you’d know not of love

But they could not foresee 

How high you’d rise above 
They knew not of your grace

They knew not of your wisdom 

And they certainly didn’t imagine 

That you’d still love them 

And forgive them 
For goodness can’t be sullied 

When it’s the nature of one’s heart 

And darkness can’t prevail 

When love’s there from the start 
And I hope you never listened 

I hope you’ll never believe them 

And I hope you keep in mind 

Someone in their life deceived them
For hearts seek not to harm 

Lest harm’s been done to them 

Thus this cycle must be broken 

It’s a game no one can win
I know your heart needs healing 

And your soul feels injured too

Thus all the angels in the heavens 

Are ministering to you 
So rise now, mighty angel

Let your glory now be known 

And extend to all you meet 

The love you’ve not been shown
I know you have it in you

I know it’s who you are 

For nothing of this world   

Could dim heaven’s brightest star.

Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017
*Art by William Baxter Closson.


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