Love Came Calling 

Love came calling 

But I didn’t answer
I don’t have time
For some goofy romancer

Love came calling
But I plugged my ears
Don’t wanna risk
More sadness and tears

Love came calling
But I chose to ignore
Can’t he see
The ‘No Solicitor’ sign
On my door?!

Love came calling
Wouldn’t go away
I said “I don’t have time
for the games that you play!!”

Love came calling
Brought me roses
I thought: God help me
If this nut proposes!

Love came calling
Held my hand
Said he had
Our future planned

Said he’d love me
‘Til death do us part
Well I’ll be darned!
That goof stole my heart!

Love came calling
Brought a ring
Oh how my heart
Did jump and sing!

Love came calling
We said our “I do’s”
I knew with him
I had nothing to lose

Love moved in
And here he stays
Side by side
Throughout our days

It’s not always easy
But we’re never bored
And every day
I thank the Lord

One day, we two
Will be old and gray
 But when love is present
All of that’s ok

‘Cause when love is viewed
Through the eyes of the heart
Nothing external
Could drive us apart

Yep, love came calling
All those years before
And I sure am glad
I finally answered
The door.

Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017

Art source: John William Waterhouse.


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