Prayer of the Lightworker

Let my words be spoken with love 

Let my soul be a vessel of light
Let me be a living example
Of all that is just and is right
May I be a bringer of peace
To all those who come my way
May my arms be tools of healing
For all those that I embrace
May I offer rest to the weary
And respite to the forlorn
May I be a pillar of strength
To all those who grieve and mourn
Let me walk with grace on this earth
And be mindful of it’s beauty
And remind my brothers and sisters
That respecting the earth is our duty
Let me be forever grateful
For all that comes my way
‘Tis a grateful heart that rejoices
No matter how hard the day
Let my days on this earth be productive
For I’m here to serve one and all
May my body be willing and able
Each time that I am called
May I take on the pain of the suffering
And transmute it to higher love
And if I should be unable
Let me call on the angels above
May I be forever humble
And lay my ego to rest
And trust in a higher power
To guide me toward what is best
And when my days on earth are over
And I’m called back home up above
May I have done all that I could do
To fill the whole world with love
And so it is
Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017

Image found on Pinterest. 


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