The Sacred Art of Prayer 

The Sacred Art of Prayer

by Carolyn Glackin 
Prayers are like a warm, soft blanket

They fully surround the person they’re intended for 

And wrap them in unconditional love

Prayers spoken with sincerity and pure intention are the precursor to miracles

The words are carried off to the Divine on a crystal-like grid

Where they intermingle with the power of transformation, float back down from the heavens, and descend upon the intended soul with the gentleness of a warm snowfall 

From there, free will dances with the power of intent and something new is created 

Prayers are always, always answered 

The reason we fail to see that, is because the answer is often in accordance with our highest good, rather than what we thought we wanted or needed

At a later point, once removed from the situation, we’re better able to see the truth of this 

When we pray, we’re communing with the wisest aspect of ourselves as well as with the Divine 

When we surrender our ego and place ourselves tenderly into the arms of the Beloved while letting our prayers be known, the results are nothing short of miraculous 

It can be nothing less, when we’re willing to perceive the spark of the Divine interlaced throughout the outcome

This, of course, is based on personal perception 

May our hearts be opened wide enough to glean the beauty, truth, and wisdom contained within answered prayers. 


Carolyn Glackin 

Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017
Art by Eva Campbell


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