The Witch Will Rise Tonight 

I am not a witch. Not in this lifetime anyway. But I’d like to clear up the many misconceptions about what that term does and doesn’t mean. I won’t remain silent about the real truth of who these proud, strong, amazing women were and are. They were slandered, ridiculed, tortured, and shamed during a time in this world when being a woman and exhibiting wisdom, strength, independence, or any sign of natural, God/Goddess given abilities was completely unacceptable. That time is long since over, and it dang well better be, because you can’t keep a good woman down! May the witch rise tonight!

The Witch Will Rise Tonight 

by Carolyn Glackin 

Jack-o’-lanterns brightly glowing 

Candy bowls are overflowing 

Decorations of orange and black

The season of the witch is back 

Little children dressed up sweetly 

Hoping to fill goodie bags completely 

Crunchy leaves, crisp cool air

Owls hooting here and there

She’s at home, watching, waiting 

As neighbors start their celebrating 

She’s waited patiently all year long

For All Hollows’ Eve to come along

With the veil between 

Living and dead now thin

The Samhain festivities soon begin

In her mind, she hears them calling 

And in her bones, she feels them crawling 

Ancient sisters from the past

Who had their lives 

Snuffed out too fast 

You see, a witch is not an evil creature 

She’s a wise one, a guardian, and a teacher 

She holds within her primordial knowledge 

The likes of which you won’t learn in college 

She knows the ways of the earth, you see

It’s past, it’s present, it’s destiny 

She knows the importance of every season 

And for all that grows, there is a reason 

She’s a priestess of nature 

A diviner of fate 

A guardian of time 

Who stands at the gate

The gate beyond which 

The spirit world dwells

Not quite in heaven 

But neither in hell 

And this is the night

When that gate opens wide

And sisters of old 

Will walk at her side 

They’ll tell the old stories 

And pass on all they learned 

The knowledge for which 

They were sentenced to burn

Now surely you’ve learned of 

The witch hunts in school

I’m sure you heard tell of

Those bigoted fools

With pitchforks and torches

And slanderous lies

That led to many a good woman’s  demise

For in those dark ages

Women could not show power 

They had to be gentle and fair, like a flower 

They were meant to be quiet, docile and tame

Well pardon my French, but that’s pretty damn lame! 

Those labeled as witches refused to bow down as indentured servants to misogynist clowns

They stood strong in their power 

They lay claim to their rights

They walked their own paths, staying true to the light

Honoring Mother Nature 

Respecting the earth 

They were proud, they were wise

They knew their worth 

They honored the goddess 

The great divine mother

They honored the masculine 

For they balanced each other

They were healers and sages

They were mothers and friends

They were courageous way showers 

Right up ’til the end

Not a one was a devil, or a doer of evil

But these truths were all buried 

During dark times of upheaval 

But now is the time

When all truths come to light 

Hail to our sisters! 

May the witch rise tonight!

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Image source: Google.



The thoughts that we think and the things we tell ourselves repeatedly throughout each day have perhaps more potential than anything else to fashion our very lives, right down to the current moment. It’s imperative that we bear witness to the emotional nature of the thoughts that run through our mind and the things we say to ourselves, because they have long term ramifications. It’s entirely up to us whether those ramifications are harmful or helpful to our mental and emotional wellbeing. Despite your DNA, no matter who your parents are, how you were raised, and regardless of the possibly damaging things that have been said to you, as well as those you’ve said to yourself; the following remains true: you were created in love, by love, and with love. Though you may not currently feel this way, you are nothing less than whole. The spirit is indestructible. It’s our human frailty that isn’t. Don’t let that confuse you. You can feel weak and broken without actually being weak and broken. It’s all a matter of perception. You are whole. You are worthy. You are loved. Always. Nothing that transpires in this world can or will change that. We simply forget and lose sight of that for a while. Let this be your reminder. 


Carolyn Glackin 

All words: copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Art credit: Mona Davis/Pinterest.

Magic in the Woods 

There was magic 

In the woods that night
When the fairies
Danced by firelight
The wood nymphs frolicked
The sylphs soireéd
The elves held court
In the evening shade
And what a merry meet it was
Such fun was had by all of us
All is fine and all is good
On those magical nights
In the woods.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Image credit: Dirk Wustenhagen Imagery. 

New Love 

Addictive, seductive 

Alluring, erotic
And soul satiating
But what is new love?
Is it some kind of spell?
Made up of
Both equal parts
Heaven and hell?
Your life is on hold
Your world’s upside down
And it seems you can’t breathe
When he or she’s not around
Your head’s in the clouds
Your heart skips a beat
Because suddenly someone
Makes your whole life complete
Your thoughts are erratic
You live in a dream
Your need for their presence
Makes you want to scream
One name, one face
Always on your mind
Now forsaking all others
It’s as if you’ve gone blind
You’re hot, then you’re cold
You’re filled with such bliss
You go weak in the knees
At the thought of their kiss
You’re dreaming up futures
And pondering plans
That only involve
This one woman or man
Your mind is fixated
Like a one way track
All the rest is derailed
There’s no going back
Your family and friends
Try to reach you by phone
They think you’ve gone nuts
And won’t leave you alone
And these are the wonders
And delights of new love
When we find that special someone
Sent from above
And two worlds collide
In the most wondrous way
And if it’s all meant to be
Together you’ll stay
But regardless of longevity,
Permanence or duration
New love is always
A thrilling situation.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Art by Irina Karkabi.




Carolyn Glackin 

She was a cosmic, galactic being

With lunar visions and celestial dreams 

She was a supernova from afar

She rode in on a shooting star

Know why she came here?

On a whim

She’d heard of earth 

In an angel’s hymn

She loved the ocean

And flowering trees

The birds in the sky

And buzzing bees 

She adored lions

And the month of June 

Fresh hot coffee 

And endless monsoons 

She loved the mountains 

In the spring 

And starry nights 

Made her heart sing

But I’ll tell you of

Her real downfall…

She was a sucker for people 

Most of all

She loved the young 

Adored the old

And those that were quiet

As well as the bold 

She loved the meek ones

And the strong

She cried for the ones

Who felt they didn’t belong 

She loved the soft hearts 

Who spoke the truth 

She loved the faithful 

Who didn’t need proof 

She loved the warriors 

And the fanatics

She loved the godless

The junkies and addicts

She loved the hateful 

And the sinners

She loved the failures 

And the winners 

She loved the joyful 

And the sad 

As well as the ones 

This world deemed bad 

So how did she do it?

This lady from the skies…

Who looked at them all 

Through the same eyes

Never with judgment 

Only with love 

For she said: “As below, 

So too, above”

She said: “These are all angels 

Walking the earth 

Who have, for a time, 

Forgotten their worth 

And so I look at them 

Outside of space and time 

And when I do that 

I see the Divine” 

And through her I learned 

That within me and you

There lies something holy

This world can’t undo 

And no matter how things sound

Or how things appear 

I embrace that truth 

Without doubt or fear

And as for that lady…

She can’t be too far

On clear nights I see her

Dancing on stars.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Art by Charlotte Atkinson.

The Dragon King 

This is a bit of a departure from my typical writing style because I don’t normally write children’s poetry; but as it happens, my youngest son Charley, (currently 12) loves dragons, and I can’t help but share in that joy with him. So, this is dedicated to Charley with love. ❤

The Dragon King 

by Carolyn Glackin 

In the days of yore upon this earth 

There lived a boy of humble birth 

They say he was born on a dragon’s wing 

Charles Edward, the Dragon King 

He hailed not from a single royal

But to the dragons he was loyal 

And only for he, did they lower a wing

Thus he was dubbed The Dragon King 

And oh what a glorious sight to see

Up in the air riding wild and free

And on his face, a look of joy

For he loved those dragons 

And they loved that boy

The dragons came in every color 

Not a single one alike any other 

They were ruby red, and emerald green

Copper, violet, and gold citrine

Charles knew them, one and all

Knew their names and the sound of their call 

Knew their hobbies and their favorite treat

Knew where they preferred to sleep 

And through the years, their friendship grew

As they spent their days 

Soaring up in the blue 

But times had changed throughout this world

And as crime rates rose, fear unfurled 

Mankind needed someone 

To take the blame

Thus Charles’ dragons lost their good name 

Stories spread and senseless lies 

About these beauties of the skies

Suddenly, these sentient beasts

Were known as evil, vile thieves 

The Dragon King soon hatched a plan

They’d leave this world for peaceful lands

And so, with a bit of apprehension 

They flew off to another dimension 

There, they live on forevermore 

The boy and the dragons he adores 

Never aging, never dying 

Spending their days 

Soaring and flying 

And though the world 

Passed it off as lore

Now you know 

Why the dragons 

Are here no more…

But I swear 

On a clear day 

I see their wings

And riding with them 

The Dragon King.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017
*Image source unknown.

You Are Worthy 

You Are Worthy 

by Carolyn Glackin 

YOU are worthy of praise 

YOU are worthy of peace 

YOU are worthy of love

YOU are worthy of respect 

YOU are worthy of joy 

Throughout all of the cosmos 

And out of billions of people in this world, there is only ONE of YOU!

And YOU are WORTHY!!


Carolyn Glackin 

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017

Art by Brandy Kayzakian-Rowe.