Knight and Day 

Knight and Day
by Carolyn Glackin
He was a dream within a dream
An echo of vibrations
That reached across time
He had a heart that beat for mine
He was the manifestation
Of a promise made
So long ago
In a sunny glade
He was the truth
Come to life
In earthly flesh
With blue eyes
He was the reminder
That I’d always need
To know myself
To remain free
And through him
I called myself home
There in my heart
Through the love he’d shown
He was my touchstone
My angelic reminder
Of worlds that were softer,
gentler, and kinder
And through our union
Two would be one
One heart, one mind
And work to be done
For we shared a mission
Right here, on this earth
The restoring of peace
Through love, a rebirth
Together we’d walk
Through the dark
As the Light
I was his day
And he, my knight.
Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017*Artist unknown. 


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