The Dragon King 

This is a bit of a departure from my typical writing style because I don’t normally write children’s poetry; but as it happens, my youngest son Charley, (currently 12) loves dragons, and I can’t help but share in that joy with him. So, this is dedicated to Charley with love. ❤

The Dragon King 

by Carolyn Glackin 

In the days of yore upon this earth 

There lived a boy of humble birth 

They say he was born on a dragon’s wing 

Charles Edward, the Dragon King 

He hailed not from a single royal

But to the dragons he was loyal 

And only for he, did they lower a wing

Thus he was dubbed The Dragon King 

And oh what a glorious sight to see

Up in the air riding wild and free

And on his face, a look of joy

For he loved those dragons 

And they loved that boy

The dragons came in every color 

Not a single one alike any other 

They were ruby red, and emerald green

Copper, violet, and gold citrine

Charles knew them, one and all

Knew their names and the sound of their call 

Knew their hobbies and their favorite treat

Knew where they preferred to sleep 

And through the years, their friendship grew

As they spent their days 

Soaring up in the blue 

But times had changed throughout this world

And as crime rates rose, fear unfurled 

Mankind needed someone 

To take the blame

Thus Charles’ dragons lost their good name 

Stories spread and senseless lies 

About these beauties of the skies

Suddenly, these sentient beasts

Were known as evil, vile thieves 

The Dragon King soon hatched a plan

They’d leave this world for peaceful lands

And so, with a bit of apprehension 

They flew off to another dimension 

There, they live on forevermore 

The boy and the dragons he adores 

Never aging, never dying 

Spending their days 

Soaring and flying 

And though the world 

Passed it off as lore

Now you know 

Why the dragons 

Are here no more…

But I swear 

On a clear day 

I see their wings

And riding with them 

The Dragon King.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017
*Image source unknown.


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