Carolyn Glackin 

She was a cosmic, galactic being

With lunar visions and celestial dreams 

She was a supernova from afar

She rode in on a shooting star

Know why she came here?

On a whim

She’d heard of earth 

In an angel’s hymn

She loved the ocean

And flowering trees

The birds in the sky

And buzzing bees 

She adored lions

And the month of June 

Fresh hot coffee 

And endless monsoons 

She loved the mountains 

In the spring 

And starry nights 

Made her heart sing

But I’ll tell you of

Her real downfall…

She was a sucker for people 

Most of all

She loved the young 

Adored the old

And those that were quiet

As well as the bold 

She loved the meek ones

And the strong

She cried for the ones

Who felt they didn’t belong 

She loved the soft hearts 

Who spoke the truth 

She loved the faithful 

Who didn’t need proof 

She loved the warriors 

And the fanatics

She loved the godless

The junkies and addicts

She loved the hateful 

And the sinners

She loved the failures 

And the winners 

She loved the joyful 

And the sad 

As well as the ones 

This world deemed bad 

So how did she do it?

This lady from the skies…

Who looked at them all 

Through the same eyes

Never with judgment 

Only with love 

For she said: “As below, 

So too, above”

She said: “These are all angels 

Walking the earth 

Who have, for a time, 

Forgotten their worth 

And so I look at them 

Outside of space and time 

And when I do that 

I see the Divine” 

And through her I learned 

That within me and you

There lies something holy

This world can’t undo 

And no matter how things sound

Or how things appear 

I embrace that truth 

Without doubt or fear

And as for that lady…

She can’t be too far

On clear nights I see her

Dancing on stars.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Art by Charlotte Atkinson.


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