New Love 

Addictive, seductive 

Alluring, erotic
And soul satiating
But what is new love?
Is it some kind of spell?
Made up of
Both equal parts
Heaven and hell?
Your life is on hold
Your world’s upside down
And it seems you can’t breathe
When he or she’s not around
Your head’s in the clouds
Your heart skips a beat
Because suddenly someone
Makes your whole life complete
Your thoughts are erratic
You live in a dream
Your need for their presence
Makes you want to scream
One name, one face
Always on your mind
Now forsaking all others
It’s as if you’ve gone blind
You’re hot, then you’re cold
You’re filled with such bliss
You go weak in the knees
At the thought of their kiss
You’re dreaming up futures
And pondering plans
That only involve
This one woman or man
Your mind is fixated
Like a one way track
All the rest is derailed
There’s no going back
Your family and friends
Try to reach you by phone
They think you’ve gone nuts
And won’t leave you alone
And these are the wonders
And delights of new love
When we find that special someone
Sent from above
And two worlds collide
In the most wondrous way
And if it’s all meant to be
Together you’ll stay
But regardless of longevity,
Permanence or duration
New love is always
A thrilling situation.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Art by Irina Karkabi.


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