Song of the Soul 

There’s a path that awaits you 

That only you can know
Listen for the music
It’s the song of your soul
You’ve been singing it forever
Especially when you roam
The song serves to remind you
That your heart is your true home
And in the words you’ll find
All you’ll ever need to know
It’s the roadmap of your life
It’s the song of your soul.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017
Art by Meldra Driscoll


Knight and Day 

Knight and Day
by Carolyn Glackin
He was a dream within a dream
An echo of vibrations
That reached across time
He had a heart that beat for mine
He was the manifestation
Of a promise made
So long ago
In a sunny glade
He was the truth
Come to life
In earthly flesh
With blue eyes
He was the reminder
That I’d always need
To know myself
To remain free
And through him
I called myself home
There in my heart
Through the love he’d shown
He was my touchstone
My angelic reminder
Of worlds that were softer,
gentler, and kinder
And through our union
Two would be one
One heart, one mind
And work to be done
For we shared a mission
Right here, on this earth
The restoring of peace
Through love, a rebirth
Together we’d walk
Through the dark
As the Light
I was his day
And he, my knight.
Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017*Artist unknown. 

Here I Am 

Here I Am 

by Carolyn Glackin 

Like blessed water flows 

So too, my soul goes

Like sparkling stars that shine

So too, do I

Like the endless tears we weep

With angels while we sleep

And laughter overheard

Among friends who need no words 

Like joy on a a summer day 

Like the heart of a child at play

And miracles that we can’t explain 

In a world that’s often full of pain 

Or the silent mystery of the sea

That rages through us peacefully 

All of these, at times are me

And still yet, there’s more 

There are parts of me I can’t explain 

Lessons I have yet to gain

Wisdom I have yet to share 

And whispering voices, always there 

Places that call out my name

Demons I have yet to tame

I’m far from perfect

But I bear no shame

For I know who I am

And I’m here to walk with each of you

To share our joys and burdens too

To heal ourselves and one another 

To regard ourselves as sister and brother 

So if you’ll have me, here I am

A loving presence with dreams and plans

And this I hope you understand 

You have my heart, now here’s my hand. 

Copyright ©Carolyn Glackin 2017

*Artist unknown.