Paradigm Shift 

Old, archaic

Monolithic regime
Rigid, unwavering
Stuck in the dream

Oppressive, outdated
Time to give in
Corrupt, beleaguered
They won’t let us win

A stirring, a calling
A new dream is born
Old versus new
The people are torn

Capricious, compelling
Humankind on the brink
Time to reclaim our power
Time to voice what we think

Sophic, subversive
A new world emerging
Sanctified, unified
Awakened minds converging

A dawning, a rebirth
An old slate wiped clean
A prophecy plays out
Better than foreseen

Sanctified, glorified
Released from affliction
A new day arises
Angels sing our benediction.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Image via Google/artist unknown. 


The Marigold 

The Marigold
by Carolyn Glackin
Where once a pristine flower grew
Besotted by the love she knew
For she sprang forth from fertile ground
So nourished by the land around
But she was picked ‘fore all the rest
By hands demanding all her best
By eyes that only took and took
And thus she perished with just one look
Wary of this tiresome place
She sought out gardens full of grace
But somehow couldn’t grow well there
No longer thinking herself as fair
For cutting words made her heart bleed
When they cast her off as just a weed
In truth though, what she’d not been told
This ‘weed’ was really a marigold
Requiring slightly different care
But just as lovely, just as fair
And now, this flower, set adrift
Must find a way to mend the rift
And in the midst of life’s pursuits
The marigold will find her roots.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Art credit: “Ray of Sunlight Marigold,” by Carey Waters.


Gather ’round now

My dear ones
Come close, by the fire
While I spin us a tale
Of true love and desire
‘Tis the truth I be tellin’
This tale’s about me
Give it a listen
And soon, you will see
‘Twas a time long ago
When kings and queens ruled
And dragons roamed the land
Always searchin’ for jewels
And I, a young lass
Was of a ripe age to wed
But as was my way
I had other plans instead
You see I had no interest
In givin’ my hand
To some empty headed fool
Or some heavy handed man
And I had grown weary
Of bein’ paraded around
To every eligible bachelor
That lived in our town
So my days were oft spent
Hidin’ away
From such nonsense as this
And the games people play
Now, back in those days
I was lovely and lean
With long auburn locks
And my eyes emerald green
And one day as I wandered
By a bubbling brook
Along came a fella
And he gave me a look
But I paid him no mind
And focused instead
On the beauty around me
And the thoughts in my head
But that didn’t stop him
In fact, he came near
And just as I started
To make myself clear
My eyes had caught sight
Of the most handsome face
And eyes of such blue
My poor heart did race
As if that weren’t enough
He started to speak
And upon hearin’ his voice
I was swoonin’ and weak
We walked for a while
We two, by the brook
And I tell ya, my dearies
That’s all that it took!
My heart was all his
As his was for me
And the rest, as they say, is history
We soon wed in the chapel
And started our life
Just imagine my surprise
To be a king’s wife!
He’d kept it a secret
To find a love pure and true
Alas, I was queen
When I said ‘I do’
So don’t ya be thinkin’
That love’s for the birds
‘Cause I’ll tell ya again
If you ain’t properly heard
Dreams can come true
And fairy tales happen
To the least likely people
So wake up from your nappin’
Keep yourself true
Let your heart sing
Don’t settle for no frogs
And you’ll soon meet your king.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Art credit: Donna Green.

The Sentinel

Gather round, dear friends

Pull up a chair
For I’ve a time worn tale to share

‘Twas a winter’s eve
Some years ago
That I ventured out
Into the snow

Though I was weary
I couldn’t sleep
So I went exploring
In the forest so deep

A walk, I thought
Would clear up my head
And upon my return
I’d be off to bed

A late evening stroll
In the crisp wintry air
That reddened my cheeks
And tousled my hair

The events of my day
Whirled round in my head
But I wanted to listen
To the forest instead

There was crackling and crunching
Of twigs on the ground
But aside from that
There was nary a sound

The new fallen snow
Had silenced the woods
So peaceful and lovely
Right there, where I stood

I gazed at the trees
All sparkly and white
So very resplendent
In the moon’s tender light

And just then from afar…
What’s that I heard?
A whoosh, a flutter
Perhaps it’s a bird…

And then I saw wings
Grace set to motion
That soared with such ease
Like waves in the ocean

Then came a soft rustling
In a proud, mighty birch
As this yet unknown creature
Settled onto it’s perch

Through the distance between us
I’m quite certain I see
A wild winged sentinel
Gazing right back at me

From his perch way up high
Looking regal and proud
Blanketed gently
In nighttime’s soft shroud

His gaze ever watchful
He surveys the night
Undoubtedly hungry
In need of a bite

What might he tell me?
This wise, knowing bird
Of all that he’d seen
And all that he’d heard…

Of his days in the skies
And his nights in the trees
Was it lovely up there,
Where he perched in the breeze?

The forest’s secrets
Were his to know
And as for me
It was time to go

The air had grown colder
And the hour, so late
Knowing I must leave,
I resigned to my fate

And just as the wolves
Began to howl
I bade good night
My friend, the owl.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Image found on Google.

I Am Home

This piece is called “I Am Home.” I was intending to write something else, but as is often the case with me, Spirit led me in a different direction. It’s a rather emotional piece, for me anyway. May it bring peace and comfort to your heart.
Carolyn Glackin
All words: copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Image source: Pinterest.
*For the purposes of this piece, I use the term ‘Beloved’ in reference to God, Spirit, the Creator, the Divine, etc.

I Am Home 

by Carolyn Glackin 

Though it be dark
And full of the unknown
I shall not wander
Into the forest
Of the soul alone
For the Beloved,
Ever at my side
Meets me there
And then I know
I have nothing to fear
The Beloved creates a path
And illuminates the way
So that what once
Looked like night
Is now as bright as day
And in that light of love
I become known
At last, the truth is revealed
I’ve never been alone
I am home, I am home.

©Carolyn Glackin 2017


The Mermaid 

Here is an ode to my favorite aquatic creatures. 💙

by Carolyn Glackin 

Oh the beauty of 

The crashing shore

A sound that I 

So dearly adore

Who can resist 

Those frothy waves 

On endlessly sunny 

Summer days…

An earthly delight 

That all should know

Submerged in those waves 

From head to toe 

Oh how I miss 

Those bygone days

When first I spied 

A lovely mermaid 

So beautiful 

So wild and free

This mystical maiden

Of the sea 

With porcelain skin 

And flowing hair 

A graceful creature

With whom none can compare 

And in her eyes 

I saw foretold 

A thousand stories 

As yet untold

And how I longed 

To hear them all

But I knew that soon 

The night would fall

And so I left 

Those beachy waves

And bid adieu

To the lovely mermaid

Never did I see her more 

Not beneath the waves 

Nor on the shore 

But I’ve heard 

If a mermaid 

Meets with your eyes 

She lives in your heart 

For the rest of your life.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Art credit: Victor Nizovtsev.