Gather ’round now

My dear ones
Come close, by the fire
While I spin us a tale
Of true love and desire
‘Tis the truth I be tellin’
This tale’s about me
Give it a listen
And soon, you will see
‘Twas a time long ago
When kings and queens ruled
And dragons roamed the land
Always searchin’ for jewels
And I, a young lass
Was of a ripe age to wed
But as was my way
I had other plans instead
You see I had no interest
In givin’ my hand
To some empty headed fool
Or some heavy handed man
And I had grown weary
Of bein’ paraded around
To every eligible bachelor
That lived in our town
So my days were oft spent
Hidin’ away
From such nonsense as this
And the games people play
Now, back in those days
I was lovely and lean
With long auburn locks
And my eyes emerald green
And one day as I wandered
By a bubbling brook
Along came a fella
And he gave me a look
But I paid him no mind
And focused instead
On the beauty around me
And the thoughts in my head
But that didn’t stop him
In fact, he came near
And just as I started
To make myself clear
My eyes had caught sight
Of the most handsome face
And eyes of such blue
My poor heart did race
As if that weren’t enough
He started to speak
And upon hearin’ his voice
I was swoonin’ and weak
We walked for a while
We two, by the brook
And I tell ya, my dearies
That’s all that it took!
My heart was all his
As his was for me
And the rest, as they say, is history
We soon wed in the chapel
And started our life
Just imagine my surprise
To be a king’s wife!
He’d kept it a secret
To find a love pure and true
Alas, I was queen
When I said ‘I do’
So don’t ya be thinkin’
That love’s for the birds
‘Cause I’ll tell ya again
If you ain’t properly heard
Dreams can come true
And fairy tales happen
To the least likely people
So wake up from your nappin’
Keep yourself true
Let your heart sing
Don’t settle for no frogs
And you’ll soon meet your king.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Art credit: Donna Green.


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