The Marigold 

The Marigold
by Carolyn Glackin
Where once a pristine flower grew
Besotted by the love she knew
For she sprang forth from fertile ground
So nourished by the land around
But she was picked ‘fore all the rest
By hands demanding all her best
By eyes that only took and took
And thus she perished with just one look
Wary of this tiresome place
She sought out gardens full of grace
But somehow couldn’t grow well there
No longer thinking herself as fair
For cutting words made her heart bleed
When they cast her off as just a weed
In truth though, what she’d not been told
This ‘weed’ was really a marigold
Requiring slightly different care
But just as lovely, just as fair
And now, this flower, set adrift
Must find a way to mend the rift
And in the midst of life’s pursuits
The marigold will find her roots.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Art credit: “Ray of Sunlight Marigold,” by Carey Waters.


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