Paradigm Shift 

Old, archaic

Monolithic regime
Rigid, unwavering
Stuck in the dream

Oppressive, outdated
Time to give in
Corrupt, beleaguered
They won’t let us win

A stirring, a calling
A new dream is born
Old versus new
The people are torn

Capricious, compelling
Humankind on the brink
Time to reclaim our power
Time to voice what we think

Sophic, subversive
A new world emerging
Sanctified, unified
Awakened minds converging

A dawning, a rebirth
An old slate wiped clean
A prophecy plays out
Better than foreseen

Sanctified, glorified
Released from affliction
A new day arises
Angels sing our benediction.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Image via Google/artist unknown. 


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