A Tale as Old as Time 

 A Tale as Old as Time 

by Carolyn Glackin 

There’s a magical moment 

That happens each day

When the sun’s coming up

As the moon fades away

And within that moment 

Any dream can be real 

If you simply believe 

And you let yourself feel

Through the sands of time 

Just beyond the veil

Lies an ancient forest

With a timeworn trail

And if you’re ready and willing 

It’ll lead the way 

To the dream that dwells 

In your heart on that day

Oh it’s been attempted 

By lesser men

Who simply gave up

Time and again 

For they just couldn’t fathom 

That their dream might come true

So they turned back around 

Without further ado 

But my friends, there is one man

Of whom I’ve heard tell

With the favor of heaven 

And the fury of hell

He was strong, he was mighty, 

Kind and loving as well

The renowned archangel, Rapha El

Now, Rapha had been 

Assigned here on Earth 

And he felt that this world 

Was more trouble than it’s worth 

He longed to be back 

In the heavens above 

In his one true home 

With the woman he loved 

But little did he know

She’d devised a plan

For a life here on Earth 

For the sake of her man

The details are lengthy

So we’ll leave that aside 

And continue the tale

Of the angel and his bride

So, before he departed 

The woman he’d miss 

Stared deep in his eyes 

And said something like this:

“When you feel lost, sad, and alone, find a memento that reminds you of home. Keep your thoughts on the stars, to your heart, be true; and I promise, my love, I’ll be right there with you.” 

Years later, in a forest

While pondering this,

As he thought of her voice

And he yearned for her kiss

It was right at that moment 

When moon turns to sun

That Rapha was tested 

On the lessons of love 

His feelings were strong

And His heart was true 

Yet he longed for his love

Oh what should he do?

He could go on without her

For years on end

Or abandon the world 

He’d sworn to defend

The green of her eyes 

A sky filled with stars 

Two simple pleasures 

His favorites by far

And as he thought of them

His anxious mind cleared 

And out of the darkness 

An old trail appeared

He was shocked for a moment 

As he recalled an old tale

Of an ancient forest 

And a timeworn trail

Where at just the right moment 

Your dream could come true

If you simply believed

It could happen to you

Then a voice from the heavens 

That only he could hear

Delivered a message 

And his mission was clear: 

‘Look for the girl

With green stars in her eyes, 

For she is the home 

That you seek in the skies.’

So Rapha stepped forth

On that fate filled day

And entered the trail 

Without further delay

He travelled through darkness 

He travelled through pain

He travelled through fear, 

Contempt and disdain 

For years this went on

Day by day, night by night 

And though tired and worn

He refused to lose sight

Of the love in his heart

That would lead him back home 

If he’d only remember 

What he’d always known

Finally, one day 

The trail reached a dead end

Rapha thought he’d been duped

And he couldn’t comprehend 

The point of a journey

That ended like this 

When he’d hoped that it’d end

With a reunion and bliss

He sat for a while 

To decide what to do

He looked to the sky 

So beautiful and blue

Night soon came 

And he looked to the stars

And heard “Rapha, my love

I’m never far…”

In his mind, there she lived

In his heart, there she breathed 

In his soul, there she dwelled

And now, no longer aggrieved 

Rapha stood to head home 

This lesson, now learned 

The truth and the beauty 

In his memory burned 

As he rose to get up

And he turned around 

All of the sudden 

Without a sound

He found himself home

Asleep in his bed 

And assumed that the whole thing 

Took place in his head 

He held on to the lesson 

With love in his heart 

And all of the wisdom

It had to impart

His love would be with him

Whether here or there 

So he no longer doubted

And he no longer feared 

A few short months later 

While walking along 

And thinking about her 

He heard a familiar song

From a woman with green eyes 

That shone like stars 

And he decided to meet her

As she arose from her car

“By chance, could you tell me 

what you were singing just then?”

Said she: 

“Just something I heard once,

from a very old friend.”

Then she smiled and she winked 

And right then he knew 

The love he’d awaited 

Was now here, pure and true

He’d had to learn first 

That wherever you go

If there’s love in your heart 

You are ALWAYS at home 

And as for those love birds

Well, what can I say?

Their story is written 

And it continues today

Right here, in this world 

A tale as old as time 

A story that is yours 

As well as it’s mine

It belongs to all people 

Who feel lost and alone

And I hope when you hear it

You’ll soon find your way home.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017

Image credited to the rightful owner.


Open, Release, Receive 

Open, Release, Receive

by Carolyn Glackin 

We can hold onto nothing in this life

Not our sorrow, not our anger

Not our joy, not our strife

Not our failures, or our successes 

Not our laughter, or our pain

Any attempts to hold on 

Are futile and in vain 

We can’t hold onto our gladness 

Nor to our tears

We can’t hold a single moment

And certainly not years

We can’t hold onto loved ones

If we want them to feel free

They deserve to be themselves 

Just as I deserve to be me

Love is not a prison 

It doesn’t restrict, nor does it bind

So when a love is true 

It’s freedom you will find

And perhaps you feel some fear 

And you’re wondering what to do

Just let everything go

The right ones will stay with you 

For love cannot be fear based 

It’s not about power or control

Your loved ones will remain

When they are free to come and go

And if ever there should come a time

When one chooses to depart 

I know it’s very painful

But it’s better for your heart 

Because don’t you want 

Your loved ones there

Because they choose to be?

If they’re there by force

The truth is that

Neither one of you are free

The control that you exert

In an attempt to keep them there

Has no happy gains, in fact, 

It fills both hearts with fear 

With open arms, gently let love in

And let it go, if it must go

The right ones will stay with you 

And when it’s right, you’ll know.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Art credit: “The Caring Heart” by Meganne Forbes.

With Gratitude for All 

The sky at daybreak 

The stars and the moon
The laughter of children
Flowers in June
A gentle spring zephyr
A warm ray of sun
Grace filled tears
Serendipitous fun
Romantic notions
Coffee and tea
Majestic mountains
The bountiful sea
The glowing embers
Of a toasty bonfire
Songs that hold memories
Words that inspire
The sacred beauty
Of the setting sun
The divine moment
When a new life’s begun
Cuddles from kittens
The loyalty of pups
The blessed assurance
That the sun always comes up
A call from a friend
That I hold very dear
The end of the day
When my children are near
The love that unites us
Throughout this good earth
The holiness present
In both death and rebirth
Meeting kindred spirits
The change of the seasons
All of these things
Are but a few of the reasons
That with each passing day
Despite worry or strife
I’m eternally grateful
For the gift of this life.
Carolyn Glackin
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Art credited to Cristina McAllister.

Rey of Light 

I wrote this piece after seeing the new movie (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), last night with my husband and sons. Dedicated to all Star Wars fans. May the Force be with you. 🌠

Two forces shall rise

Matched in power and might
One, a dark Lord
One, a ray of light
Lessons will be learned
Worlds torn apart
And an old friend returns
With wisdom to impart
A Jedi is found
And lost in the end
Sorrow is assuaged
Torn hearts will mend
A brave heroine is sacrificed
For the greater good
A Code Breaker pretends
To be Robin Hood
While later it’s revealed
That he’s traitorous scum
Further enraging
A devoted fandom
A spark is kindled
Between the dark and the light
Will the lady join forces
With the tall, dark knight?
And what of the future
Of this dynamic pair?
Will they find love,
Or mayhem and despair?
And on goes the story
Way up in the skies
With twists and turns
To delight and surprise
But come what may
Around the bend
The Force always rises
In the end.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017
Image found on Google and is credited to the rightful owner.

The Healer 

May my love fall upon you 

Like the softest flakes of snow 

May it soothe and warm your heart
Like the sun’s golden glow
May my arms bring you comfort
May my words heal your pain
May my tears cleanse your soul
Like the gentlest of rain
May my song stir your spirit
Like a playful, blowing breeze
To remind you life is joyful
And to help you feel at ease
In my home, may you find solace
And shelter from life’s storm
May you know you’re always welcome
And that I’ll keep you safe and warm
May you find in me a haven
For your weary soul to rest
I can’t promise to be perfect
But I’ll always do my best
And I pray I’ll always know
What to say and what to do
For I come to be of service
And to minister to you.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Art by Ruth Sanderson. 

Solstice Greetings 

Lo! I will not tremble 

Before this long, dark night

For I am Goddess born
The dawn fills me with her light
Though the hours of light
On this day be few
I take rest, I replenish, I renew
On this day
The darkness serves
As a reminder
The Goddess is always near
But it is up to us
To seek and find her
Merry solstice to you
One and all
And may your heart
Be ever attuned
To the Goddess’s call.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Image credited to Ruth Sanderson.

Sweet Release 

 I shall steep myself in kindness As I bathe in the river of peace

And there I shall remain
Until I find my sweet release
I’ll let go of what’s unneeded
And all that weighs me down
I’ll shed my skin of old
And there I’ll let it drown
Then I’ll rise up in the glory
Of who I’m meant to be
A peaceful, loving being
For all eternity.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017
Image credited to the rightful owner. 

The Last Battle 

Eventually, the day comes when a warrior finally understands that there is only one true battle, and that it’s the only battle worth winning. I speak of the battle within. The internal battle is not won with heavy artillery or a skilled militia. It isn’t won through physical strength or brute force. In fact, there is only one way to win the battle within once and for all. The warrior must lay aside all weapons, understanding that they serve no purpose in this war. They must let their guard down. They must then look deeply within, and choose to accept and surrender to all that they find there. From there, they must offer themselves complete tolerance, nonjudgment, and self-love. It is through this method alone that we finally lay the inner battle to rest. On the day that the final warrior has made peace within, we will know peace on Earth at last; but until then, at the very least, we can achieve inner peace for ourselves. We are worthy! Soldier on warrior, your battle awaits you.


Carolyn Glackin 

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Image found on Pinterest.

Artist unknown.

No Goodbyes 

This plaintive piece came about after several days of fixating on “My Immortal,” by Evanescence. My piece, called “No Goodbyes,” is loosely written to the tune of “My Immortal.”


No Goodbyes 

by Carolyn Glackin 

I’ve thrown away my reckless heart

It does me no good while we’re apart

I was the one that warmed your bed

Now I’m a phantom in your head

I never really realized 

Love could change 

With the passing of the skies 

This place where I now dwell

Offers no return 

Due to what I know 

And all I’ve learned

Although I miss having you near

I can’t exist in that place of pain and fear

That type of world was killing me

Knowing that my mind was never free

My heart was dying day by day

You know the reasons why

I couldn’t stay

I hope you’ll realize it too

And that you’ll forgive me

For leaving you

But I’m much closer than you know 

A change in your perception 

Would tell you so

What is there to go back to anyway?

A world in darkness every day

A place where souls 

Externalize their pain

Where the majority are mentally insane 

They’d rather hurt each other 

Than look within 

Never knowing it’s a game 

No one can win

But oh my love, how the tide has turned

People fear this light though it never burns

For the first time in years

I’m finally alive

Away from all the darkness, I can truly thrive

But there’s one bit of sadness 

Causing me to grieve

Knowing I can’t be the one

To help you believe 

Knowing you won’t see this 

Through my eyes

And so I must leave you there

Under those darkened skies

Heavy is the heart that bears the grief

As I watch you struggle with no relief

And I don’t get to know

All the reasons why

But I simply refuse to say goodbye 

When you’ve had your fill 

Of that endless hell

Come join me in the place of love

In which I now dwell.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Image credited to the rightful owner.