Borrowed Time 

She was here on borrowed time

Although, that she was here at all
Was truly a wonder
For everything about this world
Constantly tried to pull her under
She knew the horrors and the truths
Her eyes had been blinded by the proof
She’d always known that evil lurked in man
It was the sheer magnitude of it
That she couldn’t understand
She’d been touched by fire
But rather than letting it consume her
She instead, burned brighter
She’d encountered troubled waters
That were determined to outdo her
But instead of letting them drown her
She merely let them flow right through her
She was a loving being
With a wide range of emotion
Her heart swelled and swirled
With the depths of the ocean
Not a warrior, though she stood for what was right
Not a fighter, just a vessel for the Light
A humble servant
Here to minister to each call
In loving service every day
To One and all.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017


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