No Goodbyes 

This plaintive piece came about after several days of fixating on “My Immortal,” by Evanescence. My piece, called “No Goodbyes,” is loosely written to the tune of “My Immortal.”


No Goodbyes 

by Carolyn Glackin 

I’ve thrown away my reckless heart

It does me no good while we’re apart

I was the one that warmed your bed

Now I’m a phantom in your head

I never really realized 

Love could change 

With the passing of the skies 

This place where I now dwell

Offers no return 

Due to what I know 

And all I’ve learned

Although I miss having you near

I can’t exist in that place of pain and fear

That type of world was killing me

Knowing that my mind was never free

My heart was dying day by day

You know the reasons why

I couldn’t stay

I hope you’ll realize it too

And that you’ll forgive me

For leaving you

But I’m much closer than you know 

A change in your perception 

Would tell you so

What is there to go back to anyway?

A world in darkness every day

A place where souls 

Externalize their pain

Where the majority are mentally insane 

They’d rather hurt each other 

Than look within 

Never knowing it’s a game 

No one can win

But oh my love, how the tide has turned

People fear this light though it never burns

For the first time in years

I’m finally alive

Away from all the darkness, I can truly thrive

But there’s one bit of sadness 

Causing me to grieve

Knowing I can’t be the one

To help you believe 

Knowing you won’t see this 

Through my eyes

And so I must leave you there

Under those darkened skies

Heavy is the heart that bears the grief

As I watch you struggle with no relief

And I don’t get to know

All the reasons why

But I simply refuse to say goodbye 

When you’ve had your fill 

Of that endless hell

Come join me in the place of love

In which I now dwell.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Image credited to the rightful owner.


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