The Healer 

May my love fall upon you 

Like the softest flakes of snow 

May it soothe and warm your heart
Like the sun’s golden glow
May my arms bring you comfort
May my words heal your pain
May my tears cleanse your soul
Like the gentlest of rain
May my song stir your spirit
Like a playful, blowing breeze
To remind you life is joyful
And to help you feel at ease
In my home, may you find solace
And shelter from life’s storm
May you know you’re always welcome
And that I’ll keep you safe and warm
May you find in me a haven
For your weary soul to rest
I can’t promise to be perfect
But I’ll always do my best
And I pray I’ll always know
What to say and what to do
For I come to be of service
And to minister to you.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Art by Ruth Sanderson. 


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