Rey of Light 

I wrote this piece after seeing the new movie (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), last night with my husband and sons. Dedicated to all Star Wars fans. May the Force be with you. 🌠

Two forces shall rise

Matched in power and might
One, a dark Lord
One, a ray of light
Lessons will be learned
Worlds torn apart
And an old friend returns
With wisdom to impart
A Jedi is found
And lost in the end
Sorrow is assuaged
Torn hearts will mend
A brave heroine is sacrificed
For the greater good
A Code Breaker pretends
To be Robin Hood
While later it’s revealed
That he’s traitorous scum
Further enraging
A devoted fandom
A spark is kindled
Between the dark and the light
Will the lady join forces
With the tall, dark knight?
And what of the future
Of this dynamic pair?
Will they find love,
Or mayhem and despair?
And on goes the story
Way up in the skies
With twists and turns
To delight and surprise
But come what may
Around the bend
The Force always rises
In the end.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017
Image found on Google and is credited to the rightful owner.


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