With Gratitude for All 

The sky at daybreak 

The stars and the moon
The laughter of children
Flowers in June
A gentle spring zephyr
A warm ray of sun
Grace filled tears
Serendipitous fun
Romantic notions
Coffee and tea
Majestic mountains
The bountiful sea
The glowing embers
Of a toasty bonfire
Songs that hold memories
Words that inspire
The sacred beauty
Of the setting sun
The divine moment
When a new life’s begun
Cuddles from kittens
The loyalty of pups
The blessed assurance
That the sun always comes up
A call from a friend
That I hold very dear
The end of the day
When my children are near
The love that unites us
Throughout this good earth
The holiness present
In both death and rebirth
Meeting kindred spirits
The change of the seasons
All of these things
Are but a few of the reasons
That with each passing day
Despite worry or strife
I’m eternally grateful
For the gift of this life.
Carolyn Glackin
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.
Art credited to Cristina McAllister.


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