by Carolyn Glackin

Oh rogue!

Oh gypsy!

With your vagabond ways

You, the wayfarer

Of bygone days

I admire your freedom

All your tethers untied

Just a lone rolling stone

Along for the ride

Constantly dancing

From one dream to another

The sky, your father

The Earth, your mother

The night, your companion

All the world, your stage

Oh beautiful nomad

Please teach me your ways!

And I wonder if I could

Dream with you perchance?

Surely our meeting

Is not happenstance?

For it seems that through you

I have so much to learn

Your carefree ways

I must discern

Oh rogue!

Oh gypsy!

Don’t leave too soon!

Please meet me once more

In the light of the moon.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image found on Pinterest and is credited to the rightful artist.


Lover or Loved?

Lover or Loved?

by Carolyn Glackin

If I am the lover

Who is the loved?

And likewise, if I am the loved

Who then, is the lover?

And what steps do I take

To safeguard and maintain

Either of those situations?

What comfort lies in expecting

Those roles never to expire?

None I say…

Only heartache and vexations

I am not a jailer

Thus, no one is beholden to me

Nor will I be kept beyond my time

So, I choose not the role of the loved

Nor that of the lover

For either might meet their end

Instead, I simply choose to BE love

I choose to step forth

As a vessel for its embodiment

And in that way,

I remain constant and eternal

For love asks naught of itself

Nor does it place requirements

Or expectations on anyone

All are invited to be free

And I, too, am free

Neither loved, nor lover, but love

Which embraces all, and has no end.


Carolyn Glackin

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Beautiful art by Zeng Hao.

Mother Nature’s Majesty

Mother Nature’s Majesty
by Carolyn Glackin
Mother Nature’s majesty
Delights our grateful eyes
With flowers in full bloom
And starry nighttime skies
Mountains in the mist
Are rooted in my heart
Telling stories to my soul
Long after we must part
The endless blue of oceans
The deep greens of the wild
Spark my imagination
With the innocence of a child
And I don’t suppose I’ve mentioned
How I dearly love the trees
The wise ones of the woods
Who live their lives at ease
The forest is my temple
And my soul lives in the moors
Oh how I’ve given thanks
For all this beauty, mine and yours
I shall be forever humbled
And grateful through all my years
For every gift from Mother Nature
I thank her with my tears
Simple words are not enough
For the splendor of which I speak
So I sit in sacred silence
And water the Earth as I weep.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image credited to Everild Wolfden via DeviantART.

Room for Rent

As a writer, I read, write, and participate on four different social media forums on a regular basis. As an empath, that can be quite harrowing without taking proper precautions. I have to be very discerning when deciding whose work I should read, as well as whose is best avoided. The following piece called “Room for Rent,” tells a tale of what it’s like for me to read the words of other’s; because I don’t just read them, in many cases, it’s as if I swim in them.
Carolyn Glackin

Room for Rent
by Carolyn Glackin
Did I ever tell you
That while reading your words
I take a deep breath of air
Before the first word is heard?
Or that I have to tread water
So that I don’t drown
Cause I’m always at risk
Of each word pulling me down?
And that every time
It’s either sink or swim
Because I get so entranced
By the words of your hymn?
They lull me away
From safety to danger
Like a sad lullaby
Overheard by a stranger
Hypnotic and lovely
Addictive laments
Which hold me in place
With fictitious cement
I become paralyzed
From head to toe
Swept away by the current
Of your diaphanous flow
As I weep tears of saline
And after a while
I find that I’m dumbstruck
A fool with a smile
Your spirit calls to me
Through the words
That you write
They plague me by day
And haunt me by night
I’m struggling like mad
Trying to break free
From the hypnotic litany
Of your soliloquy
See I know all about
The sorrows you grieve
Because I feel them through you
And I can hardly breathe
I just can’t understand
How such a luminous soul
Has gotten caught up
In such a tale of woe
I wish I could help you
I’d set your soul free
So you could shine
Like the diamond
You were meant to be
But my hands are tied
I simply can’t intervene
I can only look on
While you’re asleep
In the dream
Horror and terror
Love and then loss
Hang around my neck
Like an albatross
As my mind comprehends
What it sees through you
While you lie in the wreckage
Of all you once knew
As you struggle and fight
With little will to survive
You’re up on a stake
Your words burn you alive
You’re fire, I’m water
So in truth, you can’t harm me
But I gotta tell you
Your words sure do alarm me!
And I can’t help but wonder
About the child you were
A mere shell of yourself now
What happened to her???
Violated, tortured
Hounded on end
No heroes in sight
At a loss for a friend
But despite all these horrors
There’s something I’ve seen
Deep down in your words
Lies something serene
In you, there’s such wisdom
There’s love, and there’s beauty
And I’m starting to wonder
If I’ve been tasked with a duty
You see, I’ve beared witness
To all you’ve endured
Yeah, I caught it all
Every last word
And I’m here to tell you
You made it! You lived!
Despite all, you survived!
So why not forgive?
Move on from the graveyard
Of your verbose laments
And put up a sign there
‘Room for rent.’
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image credited to Dmitri Laudin.

Kiss Me

Come kiss me my darling

Under the light

Of a thousand stars

As if the night has no end

And the whole world is ours

There’s only the moon to see us

And I’m sure that Luna approves

For our love is blessed

By the heavens

And makes all around us swoon

So darling, come and kiss me

We’ll make the world go away

In its place shall be a new one

Where only we two will remain

And we’ll fill it with such love

Yes, we’ll fill it with such light

‘Twill be a heaven on earth

Where we laugh and love

Through the night

And the days will be full of joy

And all our time will be spent

Right here, in each other’s arms

Just as it was meant

So kiss me now my darling

For the hour is growing late

And I shall not want to miss

The paradise that awaits.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Image credit: Josephine Wall.

The Wellspring

And in the corners of my mind

There was a wellspring I did find

Fueled by the source above

Renewed by faith and eternal love

When troubled times befell this heart

Not once did I fall apart

‘Twas in that wellspring that I found

I dwelled on unshakeable ground

By tuning in to what there flowed

The gifts of Spirit were soon bestowed

Thus I’m sustained by eternal grace

Each time I visit that sacred place.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Art credited to Mark Arian.

Hold the Applause

Hold the Applause
by Carolyn Glackin
And isn’t it a shame
That some folks
Have to seek fortune and fame
Cheers and applause
And endless words of acclaim
Before they’ll even believe
That there’s worth to their name?
Wow, that’s insane!
My friend,
You’ve been worthy beyond measure
Since well before you came
You are precious and loved
So don’t you ever stand in shame!
Hold your head high, stand tall!
Oh, and as for the fame
Every angel above
Knows you by name
They’ll be singing your praise
Until the end of days
And the beloved Creator
Loves you in countless ways
So you see, my friend
Hollywood can wait
You don’t need to seek fame
You were born great.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image credited to the rightful owner.

A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I’m reposting this tribute piece that I wrote last year. My hope is that not only will we keep Dr. King’s dreams alive, but that we’ll also bring them to fruition.


Carolyn Glackin 

Dear Dr. Martin Luther King,

I don’t mean to bother you 

While you’re up there soaring

On your well deserved angel wings

I just wanted to talk to you 

You know, say a few things

It might seem that this world 

Has forgotten you at first glance

But that would never happen sir

No, not a chance

You see Dr. King, 

You taught us a great deal while you were here

You showed us there was light in the dark 

And taught us there was bravery in fear

Dr. King, this surely is your day 

But I would never want you to assume 

That it’s the only one 

In which I remember you this way

You see, I took your lessons to the heart 

So it doesn’t matter 

That we’re now far apart

I know things here are looking ominous and scary

I know that many hearts 

Are full of fear 

And souls are weary

And though the hour 

In the history of this world 

Is growing late

I know we’ll be just fine Dr. King 

Because you taught us 

To find the love in hate

Thank you for shining your light 

Into this world dear Dr. King

You did more good 

Than you could ever know 

And you sure did earn 

Those angel wings.

Eternally grateful,

Carolyn Glackin

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2017.

Art credited to Raymond L. Warfield Jr.

*Sorry this is a day late. Had trouble when attempting to post it yesterday. 


 Not all flowers 

Are meant to bloom
In pristine gardens
Perfectly pruned
Some are meant
To bloom in the wild
Where they aren’t required
To be meek and mild
They can do as they please
They don’t have to blend in
They can reach for the sun
And sway in the wind
And if it should please them
They can take on new colors
Without the concern
Of judgment from others
Some choose to grow tall
Or slender or wide
Whatever they choose
They do it with pride
Knowing their beauty
Comes from within 
Not from a heavily
Landscaped garden
So when we feel cornered
And forced to conform
(And remember, my friends,
That should not be the norm)
And we can’t seem to breathe
And we’ve run out of room
Perhaps we should go
To the wild to bloom.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018
Image credited to Yvonne Coomber.