Room for Rent

As a writer, I read, write, and participate on four different social media forums on a regular basis. As an empath, that can be quite harrowing without taking proper precautions. I have to be very discerning when deciding whose work I should read, as well as whose is best avoided. The following piece called “Room for Rent,” tells a tale of what it’s like for me to read the words of other’s; because I don’t just read them, in many cases, it’s as if I swim in them.
Carolyn Glackin

Room for Rent
by Carolyn Glackin
Did I ever tell you
That while reading your words
I take a deep breath of air
Before the first word is heard?
Or that I have to tread water
So that I don’t drown
Cause I’m always at risk
Of each word pulling me down?
And that every time
It’s either sink or swim
Because I get so entranced
By the words of your hymn?
They lull me away
From safety to danger
Like a sad lullaby
Overheard by a stranger
Hypnotic and lovely
Addictive laments
Which hold me in place
With fictitious cement
I become paralyzed
From head to toe
Swept away by the current
Of your diaphanous flow
As I weep tears of saline
And after a while
I find that I’m dumbstruck
A fool with a smile
Your spirit calls to me
Through the words
That you write
They plague me by day
And haunt me by night
I’m struggling like mad
Trying to break free
From the hypnotic litany
Of your soliloquy
See I know all about
The sorrows you grieve
Because I feel them through you
And I can hardly breathe
I just can’t understand
How such a luminous soul
Has gotten caught up
In such a tale of woe
I wish I could help you
I’d set your soul free
So you could shine
Like the diamond
You were meant to be
But my hands are tied
I simply can’t intervene
I can only look on
While you’re asleep
In the dream
Horror and terror
Love and then loss
Hang around my neck
Like an albatross
As my mind comprehends
What it sees through you
While you lie in the wreckage
Of all you once knew
As you struggle and fight
With little will to survive
You’re up on a stake
Your words burn you alive
You’re fire, I’m water
So in truth, you can’t harm me
But I gotta tell you
Your words sure do alarm me!
And I can’t help but wonder
About the child you were
A mere shell of yourself now
What happened to her???
Violated, tortured
Hounded on end
No heroes in sight
At a loss for a friend
But despite all these horrors
There’s something I’ve seen
Deep down in your words
Lies something serene
In you, there’s such wisdom
There’s love, and there’s beauty
And I’m starting to wonder
If I’ve been tasked with a duty
You see, I’ve beared witness
To all you’ve endured
Yeah, I caught it all
Every last word
And I’m here to tell you
You made it! You lived!
Despite all, you survived!
So why not forgive?
Move on from the graveyard
Of your verbose laments
And put up a sign there
‘Room for rent.’
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image credited to Dmitri Laudin.


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