Earth Angel

Earth Angel
by Carolyn Glackin
I longed to hear an angel’s voice
To feel his breath upon my skin
Soon enough, one came along
Who had a noble knight within
‘Twas perhaps a moment
Indeed, not more
After I first heard his voice
When I was thoroughly aware
That loving him was not a choice
For his heart was melded to my own
And our minds in tandem thought
Such shared memories had we two
That I knew twasn’t all for naught
And though this angel lives on earth
(He’s truly here, you see)
And others cannot see his wings
I’ve felt them holding me
And in his eyes of blue I’ve glimpsed
Such depth of emotion there
That words would fail me to explain
All that he’s had to bear
In his gentle, tender, loving way
He’s carried the world on his wings
And with mighty brow and steely sword
He’s battled fiery things
It’s a sacred oath, a primordial pact
By which he lives his truth
Upholding the promise that he made
He stands as living proof
That angels do exist on earth
It’s more than true, you see
For I’ve got one here
With eyes of blue
And we’re pledged for eternity.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Art credit: John Blumen


The Balmy Shore

And when the world

Makes my heart weary

I lay down near

The balmy shore

In sacred silence I sit

Until the world

Becomes less

And I become more

For always,

I must remember

That all here

Is but a dream

Though quite oft

It does seem scary

I can choose

To remain serene

And by softening

My heart

And offering love

By day and night

My world becomes

Much brighter

As the dark

Dissolves into light

Truly ’tis mind

Over matter

All the lessons

Such as these

And perhaps they can

Make or break you

Depending on what

You believe

So when the world

Is too much with you

And some devil

Lurks at your door

Please find yourself

Some solace

In your very own

Balmy shore.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Art credit: Kate Boyce.


by Carolyn Glackin
She takes the words
Once left unsaid
And leaves fresh roses
There instead
She draws her love up
Through pen’s ink
And fashions words
To make us think
Softer than birds
Feathered wings
Are these precious
Words she sings
Kindness blooms
Within her heart
An endless garden
A work of art
Her name alone
Enchants the moon
Distant lovers
Reconcile and swoon
Stars seen trailing
In her wake
She gives far more
Than she does take
Blessed are they
Who hear her call
Her soul is here
To share love with all
If you see her
Tell her “hi”
She’s up there soaring
In the sky
Nothing here could
Bring her down
No tidal wave
Could make her drown
Buoyant, bubbly,
One day gone
She works her magic
While she’s here
But when she’s gone
Please have no fear
From far off realms
With ancient moons
Of distant shores
Her love still blooms
And in her silent,
Sovereign rending
She breaks in two
And is never-ending
And though her soul
Must then depart
She leaves with us
Evermore her heart.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image found on Why so BluE and a touch of BroWn/Facebook.

*Inspired by several poetesses that I’m blessed to know.

Love Yourself First

So, today is the big day, and I wanted to say a few words about it. First off, I’m a huge fan of love, but I’m not a terribly huge fan of Hallmark holidays, nor am I crazy about the concept of only celebrating love one day per year. Love is humongous, monumental and gigantic. It’s meant to be an ongoing, daily celebration every single day of our lives; although, even that wouldn’t be enough to properly sing its praises.
With that said, I’d also like to clarify that I’m not referring only to romantic love, but rather love in all of its many forms and manifestations. All are worth celebrating and being mindful of.
Perhaps first and foremost though, is the love of/for one’s own self. This is the love that sets the precedence for all the other types of love that we give and receive; therefore, it’s imperative that we cultivate a deep and abiding love and respect for our own self.
Beyond that, I wanted to add that Valentine’s Day need not be a day of misery and disdain for those who find themselves currently unattached. Make it your day instead. Go out and celebrate YOU. Celebrate the strides and efforts you’ve made to come to a place of personal peace and self-acceptance; because for many of you, it’s been an uphill battle.
ALL of us, each and every last one, are worthy. ALL of us are deserving of love. ALL of us are important, sacred, holy, divine beings. So, please don’t accept a love that values you any less than that. It isn’t worth your time, and it is not better than being alone. Besides, you aren’t alone. You have YOU. And while you’re waiting for that special someone to come along, you can spend some quality time with yourself. You can focus on any inner healing that needs to be addressed and resolved; because the healthier you are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually the healthier your ‘Mr. or Ms. Right’ will be.
On that note, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! May the love that you are be made manifest in all that you think, all that you speak, and all that you do. Most of all, may you remember to give that love first and foremost to you! When our own cup is full, we are then able to pour for others.
Carolyn Glackin

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Love in the Wild

Love in the Wild
by Carolyn Glackin
Nature can be harsh
Cruel, cold, calculating
But there is love in the wild
Sometimes strong and fierce
Sometimes meek and mild
I have witnessed it
Among lions in the morning sun
And I’ve witnessed it among bears
When the day is done
I’ve seen it among birds
Way up in the trees
I’ve seen it blossom among butterflies
Cavorting in the breeze
Yes, even in the wild, there is love
Perhaps a truer form
As it has no pretenses,
No ulterior motives,
And it wears no masks
It simply gives, it doesn’t take
And it has nothing to ask
It is intrinsic in nature
Existing in its purest form
Witnessed among creatures
Both great and small
And those that crawl, walk, or swarm
I think there’s much to be learned
From a love like this
It’s graceful, it’s divine, it simply is
So I will watch my feathered friends
And I’ll study every furry beast
And it won’t be a waste of time
Because if I don’t learn a single other thing
I’ll learn of love, at the very least.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Art credit: Josephine Wall.

My Love and I

*Dedicated to my love so true with the eyes of blue.

My Love and I
by Carolyn Glackin
My love and I have escaped to another world
Don’t look for us here for we are gone
We are off someplace where time stands still so we can be forever young in each other’s arms
We’ve gone somewhere that is quiet and peaceful and there are no interruptions
We can’t be bothered there so don’t try to reach us
So caught up in the music of our hearts are we that we won’t hear you
So enraptured by the adoring look in each other’s eyes are we, that we can see nothing else
So blissful in our union are we, that we cannot be separated
Here, we are dancing with the Divine,
Basking in the Beloved,
Enveloped in the Eternal
So, although we will dearly miss you
I think you understand.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image credited to the rightful owner.


by Carolyn Glackin
Beloved, I have loved you
Far beyond what I thought
One heart could give
And truly, it’s for you
That I’m here, that I live
I am but a mere
Specter of the Light
Existing in this chaos
Burning forever bright
And from the
Earthen shackles
I’m long since freed
I come here not
Through karma
But rather,
I’m born out of need
For I have heard
Your children’s cries
So deep within my heart
And I won’t let them go unanswered
So I come to do my part
And it’s my great joy
To come to this place through you
To anchor love in this dimension
And embody it too
To serve all of humankind
In the name of the Light
To make sure no one walks alone
On their darkest night
To remind your children
How dearly we are loved
For we are miracles enfleshed
Who hail from up above
And it’s my sacred duty
And solemn vow
To witness you in them always
In the eternal moment of now
Beloved, thank you! Thank you!
Truly, we are blessed
To come here in your name
That we might come to know you best
For there is so much good
Here on this Earth
There is laughter, there is music
There is life and rebirth
There are the unending glories
That dear Gaia bestows
And the sacred mysteries
That only heaven knows
There’s the hope that lives on
In the heart of man
There’s the faith that sustains us
That we might uphold your plan
There are vexations aplenty
But to those, I give my attention not
And instead I live in gratitude
For all that is, for all I’ve got
There’s kinship of spirit
That alights in the hearts
Of those who remember
And are here to do their part
There are blessings of all manner
And miracles abound too
When we set our sights on your glory
And choose to see only you
And so, ’tis for these reasons
That my heart sings your name
And I offer you praise
Until the end of my days
Beloved, I humbly ask of you
The following things
Let me see through your eyes
Let me love through your heart
Let mine be the same song
Your spirit sings
Let me uphold goodness
Let me teach only love
And whenever I fall
Let me rise above
May I see your reflection
In all that lives
Let mine be a heart
That always loves and forgives
May I be ever humble, grateful and kind
And most of all, may I bear in mind
That every moment spent here
From the time of our birth
We’ve been the blessed
And the blessing
Upon this Earth.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

*Art credit: “Gratitude,” by Tamara Phillips via Etsy.

Cosmic Recollections

Cosmic Recollections
by Carolyn Glackin
She was a soul
That belonged to the sky
But in case you don’t know her
I’ll tell you just why
See, the clouds left her breathless
The stars made her swoon
And she was dually in love
With the sun and the moon
One warmed her by day
And one cooled her by night
A harmonious union
Of both darkness and light
The sight of the cosmos
Was a whole other thing
At the very first glance
It made her heart sing
As memories of lifetimes
In other worlds
Flooded her mind
In endless swirls
An Andromedan princess
A fairy queen
A Lemurian mermaid
Oh the beauty she’d seen!
An ancient Druid
So wise in the ways
Of the sacred knowledge
With which she was raised
A Pleiadian priestess
Whose reign was supreme
A Sirian songstress
With a voice so serene
Her real home, though
Was not here or there
But rather all over
In fact, everywhere
When not in a body
She existed as light
And it was in that way
That she felt just right
In the heart of creation
Surrounded by love
Which she extended outward
Both below and above
And one day she knew
The purpose of her birth
She’d come to do that
Right here, on Earth.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Art credit: Josephine Wall.

The Invitation

The Invitation

by Carolyn Glackin

Dearest, I have loved you

Well beyond the confines of time

With a heart far bigger than my own

With songs of praise

And endless rhymes

With prayers of devotion

I’ve spoken your sacred name

As I sang you into existence

Here with me, on this earthly plane

Thus we are now immortal

Eternal in our love

We exist outside of human law

In a holy place above

And nothing here can touch us

For all here is but a dream

And I have loved us whole

We’re more real than we may seem

Impervious to duality

Karma no longer scathes us

For the song that sings us here

When sung, is the one that saves us

Though darkness may surround us

No longer can it seep in

In our heart, there lies a fortress

That sustains the light within

And my love is reflected outward

In hopes that all will know

The softness of its touch

As I hold them in its glow

And my heart song calls out to them

“Remember why you came”

“Listen, and remember ”

“I’m calling you by name”

I know not all will hear it

But there are those that will

And they’ll waken from their slumber

And give up all their pills

Life will be brand new

As their mind is now set free

Their hearts are cleansed of sorrow

Their eyes can truly see

Each time that it happens

There’s rejoicing up above

And reunions with the soul

Who at last, returned to love

For whether here or there

No matter how far apart

We all remain as one

When joined within our heart

And I am but an essence

Housed within this skin

Here to do my part

That you might truly live again

No mortal coil doth chain me

To this world of ours

I exist beyond this realm

In the cosmos with the stars

But your cries have touched my heart

So I’ve come back to this place

To love this world whole

To free the human race

To release the veils that blind you

That you might see your holy light

Thus bringing to an end

The soul’s darkest night

The time is now upon us

We’ve paid our dues in full

Please listen for my song

It’s calling to your soul

You’re grander than you know

And far wiser than you think

A miracle enfleshed

Now standing at the brink

For now the time is nigh

Lo! Verily, I say

There are choices to be made

Awaiting us this day

So I’m holding out my hand

And I’m singing to your heart

I’m asking you to join me

In the thoughts that I impart

I hold a space of love

For all to enter in

Remember now my loves!

Through us, a new world begins

I’m the song that keeps on singing

I’m the song that has no end

I sing my song for you

Come sing with me dear friend!

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Art by Josephine Wall.