Cosmic Recollections

Cosmic Recollections
by Carolyn Glackin
She was a soul
That belonged to the sky
But in case you don’t know her
I’ll tell you just why
See, the clouds left her breathless
The stars made her swoon
And she was dually in love
With the sun and the moon
One warmed her by day
And one cooled her by night
A harmonious union
Of both darkness and light
The sight of the cosmos
Was a whole other thing
At the very first glance
It made her heart sing
As memories of lifetimes
In other worlds
Flooded her mind
In endless swirls
An Andromedan princess
A fairy queen
A Lemurian mermaid
Oh the beauty she’d seen!
An ancient Druid
So wise in the ways
Of the sacred knowledge
With which she was raised
A Pleiadian priestess
Whose reign was supreme
A Sirian songstress
With a voice so serene
Her real home, though
Was not here or there
But rather all over
In fact, everywhere
When not in a body
She existed as light
And it was in that way
That she felt just right
In the heart of creation
Surrounded by love
Which she extended outward
Both below and above
And one day she knew
The purpose of her birth
She’d come to do that
Right here, on Earth.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Art credit: Josephine Wall.


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