by Carolyn Glackin
She takes the words
Once left unsaid
And leaves fresh roses
There instead
She draws her love up
Through pen’s ink
And fashions words
To make us think
Softer than birds
Feathered wings
Are these precious
Words she sings
Kindness blooms
Within her heart
An endless garden
A work of art
Her name alone
Enchants the moon
Distant lovers
Reconcile and swoon
Stars seen trailing
In her wake
She gives far more
Than she does take
Blessed are they
Who hear her call
Her soul is here
To share love with all
If you see her
Tell her “hi”
She’s up there soaring
In the sky
Nothing here could
Bring her down
No tidal wave
Could make her drown
Buoyant, bubbly,
One day gone
She works her magic
While she’s here
But when she’s gone
Please have no fear
From far off realms
With ancient moons
Of distant shores
Her love still blooms
And in her silent,
Sovereign rending
She breaks in two
And is never-ending
And though her soul
Must then depart
She leaves with us
Evermore her heart.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.
Image found on Why so BluE and a touch of BroWn/Facebook.

*Inspired by several poetesses that I’m blessed to know.


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