Earth Angel

Earth Angel
by Carolyn Glackin
I longed to hear an angel’s voice
To feel his breath upon my skin
Soon enough, one came along
Who had a noble knight within
‘Twas perhaps a moment
Indeed, not more
After I first heard his voice
When I was thoroughly aware
That loving him was not a choice
For his heart was melded to my own
And our minds in tandem thought
Such shared memories had we two
That I knew twasn’t all for naught
And though this angel lives on earth
(He’s truly here, you see)
And others cannot see his wings
I’ve felt them holding me
And in his eyes of blue I’ve glimpsed
Such depth of emotion there
That words would fail me to explain
All that he’s had to bear
In his gentle, tender, loving way
He’s carried the world on his wings
And with mighty brow and steely sword
He’s battled fiery things
It’s a sacred oath, a primordial pact
By which he lives his truth
Upholding the promise that he made
He stands as living proof
That angels do exist on earth
It’s more than true, you see
For I’ve got one here
With eyes of blue
And we’re pledged for eternity.
Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Art credit: John Blumen


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