The Balmy Shore

And when the world

Makes my heart weary

I lay down near

The balmy shore

In sacred silence I sit

Until the world

Becomes less

And I become more

For always,

I must remember

That all here

Is but a dream

Though quite oft

It does seem scary

I can choose

To remain serene

And by softening

My heart

And offering love

By day and night

My world becomes

Much brighter

As the dark

Dissolves into light

Truly ’tis mind

Over matter

All the lessons

Such as these

And perhaps they can

Make or break you

Depending on what

You believe

So when the world

Is too much with you

And some devil

Lurks at your door

Please find yourself

Some solace

In your very own

Balmy shore.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Art credit: Kate Boyce.


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