Hallowed Halls

For those who have an interest in ancient Egyptian mysticism.

I dance with the eternal

To the song that never ends

Yet what the heart and soul both know

The mind can’t comprehend

Down the Halls of the Amenti

Far beneath the River Nile

In the land of the undead

I have walked the mystic mile

I learned there with the ancients

And the Keeper of the Flame

The wisened one named Thoth

And the ones who have no name

To thine shall be the glory

Ever flowering in the night

So long I lingered there

Always searching for the light

Then the emerald words revealed

All the truths I longed to see

Thus I freed my soul from bondage

And placed the power back in me

No karmic wheel can spin me

For I’m a sovereign soul

Autonomous and self-governing

As long since has been foretold

And so my dance continues

Realm to realm, star to star

Swirling to the rhythm

Of the music in my heart.

Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018.

Images credited to the rightful owner.


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